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Real Estate Consultants Offer Advice on Short Sales in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TN – Many homeowners may find themselves wondering when the best time to start a short sale is. The answer is very simple. The sooner, the better. If they have tried other options such as refinancing, modifying their loan, or even trying to sell their home in Nashville, TN, and those options have not worked, then it is a good idea to go the route of a short sale.

Doing a quick sale is common for homeowners in Nashville, Tennessee who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Dependable Homebuyers has been helping homeowners for years that have fallen behind on house payments in Nashville. They are local agents who have helped many homeowners in Nashville who are facing foreclosure and want to sell their home.

Simply put, a short sale is a real estate deal that allows a homeowner to sell their home for less than what is actually owed in order to prevent foreclosure in Nashville. At that point, the lender has to approve the deal. In approving it, they are agreeing to accept less than what is owed on the remainder of the mortgage. Upon approval, the loan is then forgiven and the homeowner get out from under the property.

If a homeowner in Nashville decides to go through with a quick sale, they should make sure they understand what is involved with foreclosure. When a homeowner falls behind on their mortgage payments in Nashville, the lender will start a legal process in order to take over the property. In the event that the process of foreclosure has already begun, then it is important to work quickly. Time is certainly a big determining factor of what the outcome will be.

The faster that a homeowner starts the process of doing a quick sale, the better the results will be. When a homeowner is negotiating with a lender, if the process is started early enough, they have a much greater chance of getting approval for the short sale so they can be freed of their loan. Also, the faster that they gain approval, the fewer mortgage payments they will making toward a property that will not end up with any equity.

If a property owner in Nashville has received a notification of a trustee sale, then they have passed the time period of being able to go through a quick sale. This can prove to be a bit more of a difficult situation, there are still options available. In the majority of cases, a lender will give a homeowner 90 days to take care of their loan circumstances. This gives the owner of the property a short time frame to work with in getting their home in Nashville placed on the market, get the approval for the quick sale, and to get a buyer for the home.

There are many factors that determine the time frame that a quick sale will actually take. It is important for a homeowner to contact Dependable Homebuyers to get the process started promptly if they find themselves facing difficult circumstances regarding their mortgage payments. Homeowners can learn more about their home selling solutions by visiting


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers Nashville, contact the company here:

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