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Press Release

Happiness Strategist Launches Dynamic Coaching Programs Targeting Unfulfilled Individuals

BEVERLY HILLS, California - January 16, 2019 - Beverly Hills-Based Happiness Strategist, Dr. Shawna Charles, has announced the launch of her coaching business, Think To Be Happy.

Think to Be Happy, a Beverly Hills lifestyle coaching firm, has announced a series of coaching programs aimed at helping its clients live more intentionally and increase their happiness. Fueled by the power of intentionality, Dr. Charles and the Think To Be Happy Team have created a series of coaching services that focus on personal, professional and organizational development. Think To Be Happy focuses on helping clients learn strategies on how they can intentionally choose happiness in order to lead their best lives. The coaching firm’s services include happiness coaching, career coaching, parenting coaching, strategic organizational partnership consultations and one-time coaching sessions to help clients and organizations seek clarity and develop actionable plans that result in greater happiness.

According to a survey conducted by the Gallup- Sharecare Well-Being Index, Americans are unhappier than they have been in a decade. In 2017, The Conference Board reported that 53% of Americans are unhappy at work.  Even more disconcerting is a study published in the American Journal of Sociology in 2016 revealing that the happiness gap between American parents and non-parents is larger than that of other developed  countries.

These statistics are among the factors that influenced Dr. Charles to establish a coaching business. Explaining her other motivations for going into business, she said, “Too many people are unaware that happiness doesn’t happen by chance.  I  created this business to help individuals understand and choose happiness by living intentionally.”

But getting to the point of launching her own business is a story in itself.  Dr. Charles added, “I evaluated my life and realized that I was the archetype of success by other people’s standards. I had the education, I was a mother, I was financially stable but I was still trying to find my purpose.  I also had a mid-life crisis when I turned 40 because I was still struggling to climb the corporate ladder. I really felt out of place. I realized I was living my life in fear and I was depressed. I hired a coach and began to challenge the voices in my head letting go of my fear of failure.  I had many out loud conversations with myself reminding me  fear is not real and that I was good enough.  I listened to lots of Les Brown, talked to God and I took a chance on myself. 

After that, I spent a few months reflecting on what compliments I received, what requests were made of me and I tracked them to help lead me in the right direction. When I tell most people I started my own company, they congratulate me, as if to say I wish I could too... and they can. They ask,’ how does it feel?’ I reply, "It’s scary but not frightening."

Having experienced the crippling effects of unfulfillment, Dr. Charles knew her coaching strategy had to be different.  That’s why she teaches the power of confessing, creating and choosing happiness. She also motivates her clients to intentionally choose happiness instead of waiting for it to happen.

With more than a decade of experience under her belt, Dr. Charles has helped several individuals who attest to her coaching expertise.  Leah T. said: “Breaking in to a new career field can be a scary process. I didn’t know how to start. I met Dr. Shawna Charles here on LinkedIn and really just asked for advice on how to get started in a new field.  She not only gave me excellent advice on how to beef up my resume, but she also boosted my self-confidence. I have been on several interviews now and am positive that my latest experience is the ONE! If you’re stuck, don’t wait. Dr. Shawna will invest the time in you to help you realize your truest potential. She’s amazing!”

Dr. Charles offers consultations and coaching sessions via the telephone and Skype. For further information visit:

About Dr. Shawna Charles and Think To Be Happy

Think to Be Happy is a Beverly Hills coaching firm born out of Dr. Shawna Charles’ actionist-oriented practices that seek to motivate people to intentionally choose happiness. The firm focuses on providing a range of coaching services targeted at individuals and organizations looking to explore thinking and behaviours that impact day-to-day life and how to change those behaviours to lead their best lives. Dr. Charles is a Certified Parenting Coach and Mediator. She also holds an MBA and  a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is happiest when she helps others discover and lead their happiest lives.

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