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Press Release

Real Estate Consultant In Euless Tx Announces Home Purchase Options

Elite Property Buyers has announced that they are now purchasing homes in Euless, Texas and the surrounding areas. The company purchases homes directly from the owner of the home which completely eliminates the need for real estate agents.

A representative for the company says, “Sometimes waiting is not an option. Working with a real estate agent could mean waiting, sometimes up to a year or longer, before the home is sold. We work directly with the homeowner, without any commission or hidden fees, and help them by buying their home quickly, which effectively eliminates the wait.”

The company, whose profile can be seen at, purchases all homes, regardless of their size, features or condition. The company spokesperson says that they will purchase homes even when costly repairs are needed and often get the sale completed in about a week or less.

“When homeowners are relocating across the country, facing foreclosure or have other issues, they may need to sell their home quickly,” says the company representative. “There may not be time to list the home on the real estate market and then wait weeks or even months before an interested buyer shows up. We take that wait away by purchasing the homes quickly and allowing the homeowner to move on with their lives.”

The company states that they have, over the years, purchased thousands of homes directly from owners and given those homeowners a different option, a more beneficial option, than working with real estate agents. The real estate market changes from day to day, which could leave some homeowners waiting months or years to sell their home. Elite Property Buyers says that they buy those homes that homeowners need to sell quickly, taking the stress out of the selling process, and they state that they are available to answer any questions that owners may have before starting the process.

The company states that the selling process begins with an initial contact call. Homeowners can learn more by visiting the company at Once the initial call has been made, the company states that they can often finalize the process with a week or so. They state that they purchase homes in any physical or financial situation. The company representative states that they will buy homes that need repairs or that still have money owed against them, are facing foreclosure or have other issues that homeowners may not know how to get out from under. The company purchases these homes quickly, helping the homeowner to have the funding and the time to take care of other issues.

Elite Property Buyers purchases homes through a straightforward process. The company states that homeowners have the option of selling their home as-is, without needing to complete any repairs, even if those repairs are serious. The process is done without the need for appraisals or inspections and the company states that the paperwork when selling homes to them is much lighter than what is required when working with a real estate agent.

Elite Property Buyers purchases homes in and around Euless, Texas and has been fine-tuning their process for a number of years. The company says that they offer a seamless process that benefits them as well as the homeowner by eliminating the wait and the cost required when working with a traditional real estate agent. They state that homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly will find that their entire process is virtually timeless and much more simplistic than listing that home on the real estate market and waiting for an interested and qualified buyer.

Those who would like to learn more can visit the company at for a complete list of their services and the benefits of those services. Interested homeowners can also visit the company’s website to find their direct contact information. Homeowners in and around the Euless area can contact the company to schedule a consultation or discuss further options.


For more information about Elite Property Buyers, contact the company here:

Elite Property Buyers
Elite Property Buyers
(817) 349-6818
412 N Main St #118 Euless, TX 76039

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