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Hard Drive Recovery Group's Blog Talks DIY Data Recovery, Windows Vs. Mac

Hard Drive Recovery Group's blog continues to publish weekly posts on technology and hard drive issues, with December's posts including a critical post on doing data recovery by yourself.

"Can You DIY Data Recovery" speaks specifically to users that are looking to save funds by attempting to perform their own data recoveries. This has long been an issue for professional data recovery service companies like Hard Drive Recovery Group, which guarantee full data recovery or there is no fee charged.

"Many people tend to think that hard disk drives or SSDs are as simple to repair as something like a bicycle or an automobile," said Maureen Davies of Hard Drive Recovery Group. "The main issue is that this is miles from the truth. The fact is, if you have a hard drive that has failed because of physical or mechanical problems with the disk itself, the only thing most users can do is create more damage!"

This concept plays out daily in the data recovery world, where many hard drive users literally take their hard disk drives to the breaking point by doing catastrophic things like opening the hard disk in a non-clean room environment, or attempting to switch parts from another drive. Once the user inevitably fails with their "repairs", data recovery service professionals are often left to pick up the pieces - at a far steeper price.

"If we had a dollar for every DIY data recovery that doubled or tripled the cost of the final hard drive recovery, we would be rich," said Davies. "If you have a hard drive failure situation that looks to be physical in nature, you can save yourself time and money by shutting the system down immediately and putting your screwdrivers away!"

Also published in December was a post entitled "Is It Time To Make The Switch: Mac To Windows?", which discusses the reasons why many people are beginning to switch their environments from Mac back to Windows.

As a Mac data recovery service with a variety of Apple experience, Hard Drive Recovery Group certainly has no particular preference for recovering Windows vs. Mac drives, but does note that a lot of users seem to be defecting back to tried and true Microsoft.

"Although it is no longer a fiercely growing sector, people still use PCs, either in desktop or laptop form, on a daily basis," said Davies. "Apple seems to have begun to consider most of their computers to be a bit of an afterthought, which has meant that Windows competitors have been able to catch up in terms of design and functionality."

Naturally, the economics are key when one is looking for a computer system, which is one of many areas where Apple products fail. Apple's MacBook, as an example, is typically $400-$1500 more than a similarly benchmarked Windows laptop.

The post Making Sense Of Big Data, meanwhile, speaks about big data and some of the privacy concerns in an age where data security seems to be lagging. Companies are being called out on a weekly basis for large data breaches, while user privacy takes a hit. This has resulted in a variety of issues for all data managers, but particularly those in the consumer area, where the sheer amount of data that can be lost can seriously damage the brand.

"Companies that handle tons and tons of data seem to be encountering hacking scenarios on a daily basis," said Davies. "This all points to a new dynamic where consumers need to be intensely aware of the fact that their data is at risk less on their computers, than on those of the companies they deal with."

Hard Drive Recovery Group continues to publish a new blog post each week about data in general, from individual personal data issues to those of enterprises with major security responsibilities.

"It is our hope that by publishing these posts, companies begin to take data security in general more seriously," said Davies. "Losing data is really only a bad situation when you don't have a plan to deal with it."


For more information about Hard Drive Recovery Group, contact the company here:

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