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Press Release

Real Estate Consultant Now Buying Houses In Arlington TX

Texas Property Solutions has announced that they are now buying houses in Arlington, Texas. The company purchases homes directly from homeowners, without the need for real estate agencies and the paperwork and wait times that often go along with working with an agent.

More on Texas Property Solutions and what they do can be seen on the company’s official website at A representative for the company states that they offer options to homeowners that may otherwise not be able to sell their homes quickly.

“Some homeowners do not have the option of working with a real estate agent,” says the representative. “Some may need to sell in just a few days, whereas working with an agent could take months or years. Others may be facing foreclosure or have other reasons that would hinder them from working with a traditional real estate agency. Our options suit every homeowner, and we buy the home quickly so that the owner can move on to another purchase or take care of other issues.”

The company announced that they are now buying homes in Arlington and the surrounding areas. The representative states that they purchase homes in any condition and under any situation, such as foreclosure, making it easier for the homeowner to get out from under that home debt and move on.

Homeowners who are interested in learning more about the specific areas that the company services or in finding out their brick and mortar location can visit them at The company representative says that their home buying services offer quite the benefit over working with a traditional real estate agency for a number of reasons.

“Our process is pretty straightforward,” the company representative continues. “Homeowners can sell their homes quickly, without worries of repairs that may need to be done and without all of the appraisals, inspections and other forms and paperwork that go along with real estate agents. We purchase homes quickly, often within just a week after that first contact.”

The company states that homeowners in the area who are looking to sell their home quickly can contact them to learn more about the next steps that need to be taken. He states that homes can be in any condition, even in dire need of serious repairs including new roofing, floors and even termite issues. He says that they purchase these homes from homeowners in an effort to help those needing to sell to get to the sale more quickly, without the wait times that are common with selling on the real estate market.

The company states that those in Arlington who would like to sell their homes can contact them to discuss their specific options. They state that they buy homes of all shapes and sizes and offer a streamlined process for the homeowner that gets them from the initial contact to the sale in often a week or so. The process is available even for homeowners who still owe money against their mortgage.

The company continues that they do not charge a commission like real estate agents. They state that there are no hidden fees and homeowners are walked through the process from start to finish, ensuring that they know exactly what is happening and when.

Texas Property Solutions has years of experience in working with homeowners to help them to sell their homes. The company states that anyone who is interested in learning more about what they do and how they do it can visit them at Direct contact information for homeowners in Arlington and the surrounding areas who would like to speak with a representative and discuss their options can be found on the company’s official website. The company states that they are willing to discuss any options with homeowners in an attempt to help them to sell their homes and that they are currently purchasing homes in all neighborhoods and subdivisions surrounding Arlington. More can be seen on the company’s website.


For more information about Texas Property Solutions, contact the company here:

Texas Property Solutions
Texas Property Solutions
(817) 547-0830
1351 E Bardin Rd #225 Arlington, TX 76018

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