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Press Release

Small Businesses In The News Teaches Small Businesses How To Write Press Releases

Small businesses can benefit greatly from using press releases as part of their marketing scheme. They help to win more business online by bringing traffic to webpages. Businesses can establish credibility in their local area through sharing relevant content and including the correct keywords. These keywords boost their search engine optimization, and can be tailored to target specific locations or phrases that might be typed in on a search engine by their target audience. The more content they create, the more likely Google or other search engines are to put the specific businesses content or website on the first page. This can result in more sign ups, more traffic to the website, more calls, or more emails for inquiry of both goods and services.

how to write a press release

Small businesses have a tight budget, and Small Businesses In The News offers a creative approach to online marketing that is not yet being tapped into by the typical marketing agency. Blogs can only be posted directly on the businesses website, and therefore will contain no relevant backlinks – which are the cornerstone of strong SEO. Press releases, on the other hand, are distributed to many news outlets at once. This means that the content is shared widely across the internet providing many strong, relevant backlinks to the website as well as providing search engines with the cue that the content is important and relevant to the world.

For small businesses that are looking to consistently rank on the first page of Google, Small Businesses In The News is offering a free guide that details how to write press releases. The free guide is a step-by-step blueprint for business owners or marketing directors to learn how to write a great press release, and details how it can be published through Small Businesses In The News to 100+ news outlets online. The guide is free with an email sign up to their newsletter, and can be found here to download.


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