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Tips To Quit Vaping To A Better Health By Ex-Vapers Group Providing Helpful Insights

For those who have made a New Year's Resolution to stop vaping, the collective group of ex-vapers has published a helpful step-by-step guide to stopping the vaping habit. and Nicholas King from SmokeTastic are pleased to announce the launch of their post which provides helpful suggestions for anyone who is trying to stop vaping as a pathway to better health and more control over lifestyle practices. The tips to quit vaping are provided by a collective group of ex-vapers, some of whom have been vaping for extended periods, even years. All of them were ex-smokers. The purpose of the group is to help the community of vapers who wish to quit.

In a recent interview, Nicholas explained, “ are a voluntary group who receives no funding from e-cigarette companies, sponsors or states, therefore enabling us to speak the truth as honest or hurtful as it may be about the vaping community and its critics. Although all of us are keen advocates for people to quit vaping, we are not against the use of e-cigarettes, and understand what vaping is and the real benefits it has helping people quit smoking.”

The group strongly supports the regulation of e-cigarettes and vaping products including e-liquids. The use of these products to minors is becoming out of control, and the need for stricter regulation is urgently required. As a young organization, just getting started, the members are already receiving messages from people looking for support to quit the vaping habits and practices.

The guidelines for reducing or eliminating the use of the product is to cut back gradually on the level of nicotine levels in the liquid which is being used. For most vaping products, a variety of nicotine levels can be purchased in the same flavor. By cutting back gradually, the user doesn't notice the reduction so much and it is easier than just quitting suddenly. There are additional steps presented in the guidelines, as well as further information about vaping and its effects. 

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