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ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang won award “The Most Creative CEO in China"

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2019 /On January 6, 2019, the 4th China CEO New Year Summit Annual Awards Ceremony was grandly opened in Beijing. The Chinese CEO New Year Summit has been held for the fourth time, helping the outstanding entrepreneurs who are constantly striving for the economy to take off.

Carrying forward the entrepreneurial spirit in the new era, the conference arranged a review of 2018 and empowering the future, the venture capital market, new technology by blockchain, the roundtable forum, China Brand Economy Research "2018 new economic field most creative CEO" , dinner and other topics.

That night, CCTV hostess Liu Shuyuan announced the winners of awards. Liao Wang, founder and CEO of the Atoshi, "The Most Creative CEO for New Economy in 2018". Liao Wang said: Atoshi will use the blockchain to empower the world.

As the most creative CEO, in May 2018, Liao Wang made a famous assertion at International Blockchain Economic Conference held at the Dubai Marriott Marquis Hotel: "The cryptocurrency will replace the US dollar as an international currency and foreign reserve" After Bitcoin rises to 1 million US dollars, it will fall into 1 US dollar." And he launched a new project called Atoshi, aim to be the currency to be used between countries.

Liao Wang believes that the currency used between countries should not be issued by one country, but should be issued by the blockchain network, allowing the people of the world to control themselves through blockchain technology. Atoshi is based on the excellent cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The more decentralized POD algorithm is used by atoshi to solve the problem that the bitcoin computing power is controlled by mining pool which may lead the Bitcoin network to be attacked.

This new POD algorithm is an innovative concept. The POD algorithm is named by Atoshi, which is the abbreviation of Power Of Device. The user have to contribute twice computing power as he needed from the network to get free transaction fees. The more user, the more computing power, the faster the transfer will be. Each user is a node, so there is no limit to TPS, far more than Bitcoin's 7TPS, Ethereum's 15TPS. Each user contributes idle computing power, so it is more decentralized and avoids the existence of huge mining pool.

Atoshi will have the advantages of bitcoin and solve the shortcomings of bitcoin. It has the same advantages as bitcoin without the disadvantage of gold.

With times passing by, Atoshi will become a dominant currency for transactions between countries, and the Nobel Prize winner in economics, Hayek's vision"Denationalisation of Money" will be fulfilled.

Atoshi aim to send money everywhere in the world under a second with 0 transfer fee. And the efficiency of international payments is increased from the current 3-5 working days to 1 second. This increase in efficiency will help to increase the productivity of the entire world with subversive changes.

"Let the world have a better cryptocurrency" "Empower the world." Sincerely hope this great project will be even brighter in the future.

SOURCE: Atoshi

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