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Press Release

PracticeBloom Invites Plastic Surgeons To Upgrade Their Plastic Surgery Marketing Efforts in 2019

PracticeBloom, a digital marketing business based in Clifton, NJ, has announced that they are inviting plastic surgeons to upgrade their plastic surgery marketing efforts as they start the year 2019. The company has developed its ProfitEngines program that leverages funnel marketing and retargeting to be able to provide more leads and conversions. This is because the ProfitEngines program uses social media to drive the right traffic to high-converting plastic surgery landing pages.

Matt Coffy, owner of PracticeBloom, says, "To most agencies, social media marketing means posting updates on your Facebook page a few times per week. To us, social media is a critical piece of a much bigger puzzle called funnel marketing. A great cosmetic surgery marketing campaign begins with an offer, which gets turned into an ad on Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and any other relevant social media network. Those ads will drive targeted traffic (potential new plastic surgery patients) to a beautiful landing page where they can claim the offer, becoming a 'new lead'."

After new leads have been generated, the nurture automation system used by Practice Bloom kicks in. By using text messaging and email, various messages are sent to the new leads, ranging from critical information, personal messages from the plastic surgeon, patient testimonials, and others to address all of the barriers that often prevent people from making a decision to make an appointment with the plastic surgeon.

Meanwhile, PracticeBloom does not just offer its services to plastic surgeons but also to all medical doctors, in general. It has posted a YouTube video for this particular kind of service. This video can be accessed at

Matt Coffy points out that an important element of their marketing strategy is retargeting. He explains that according to industry research, people who are retargeted are 70 percent more likely to convert compared to people who only see one ad. Furthermore, the click-through rate on retargeting ads is 10 times that of regular ads. And to think that retargeting ads have lower costs compared to regular ads.

Retargeting is done through the use of tracking scripts that have been added to the code of the plastic surgery website. This allows for the generation of a record of the people who visited the website and landing pages but did not convert. These people are then retargeted with new ads the next time they visit Instagram, Facebook and other websites.

Another key service offered by PracticeBloom is reputation management. This is essential because industry research has shown that 90 percent of potential new patients will conduct a research on plastic surgeons and read the reviews from people who have used the practice, before they make an appointment.

Thus, reputation management can be integrated into the ProfitEngines program. For those who use online scheduling, the ProfitEngines program knows the schedule of patient appointments and will follow up with them after the appointment, requesting for feedback regarding their experience. A negative feedback is sent straight to the plastic surgeon, without a chance of it getting into the open internet. This allows the plastic surgeon to communicate with patients to find out what went wrong and provide a correction, if possible.

For those who have given positive feedback, they receive an immediate automated followup, requesting them politely that they post their feedback on the plastic surgeon’s preferred review platform, such as ZocDocs, Google, Facebook, etc. This will provide a steady stream of positive reviews, resulting into an excellent online reputation.

PracticeBloom has more than 10 years of experience in the marketing industry. It has developed a holistic approach to plastic surgery marketing, which is known as ProfitEngines. This was designed to consistently drive new-patient leads, nurture them until they make an online appointment, and provides a report on the cost-per-lead and cost-per-appointment.

Those who need more info about the ProfitEngines program of PracticeBloom or other services can visit their company website or their Twitter page at


For more information about PracticeBloom, contact the company here:

Matt Coffy
+1 973-947-4500
45 E Madison Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011, USA

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