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New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic celebrates one year of excellent service delivery

Provider of innovative treatments for addiction, New Roots Ibogaine, celebrates its one year of treating different types of addictions

New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic  is establishing itself as a force to reckon with in the treatment of drug addictions in a relatively short while. This  innovative Drug Rehab Treatment Clinic has become increasingly popular in recent times thanks to its alternative treatments for addiction, standing the clinic out from others in the industry as it celebrates it’s one year of helping people get their lives back on track in January.

Drug addiction is one of the major challenges faced by different countries across the globe, with the numbers of addicts seemingly growing by the day. While several rehab options have been proffered by different clinics and other such experts, many of the available treatment options have not particularly addressed the needs of patients and their loved ones. This is where New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic is looking to make a huge difference with its alternative addiction treatments.

The Healing Properties of Ibogaine

Could a single trip on a piece of African rootbark help an addict or an alcoholic kick the habit? That was the claim in the 1960s, and now ibogaine is back in the spotlight. But is it a miracle cure? We don’t make this claim, but we do know it is effective for treating addiction, alcoholism, and mental health issues.

Ten years of therapy in one night?

Chilean psychologist Dr. Claudio Naranjo conducted 40 ibogaine sessions with his clients and was the first to scientifically describe the experience. He reported that ibogaine helped people to view difficult experiences in an objective way, and that it helped to facilitate closure of unresolved emotional conflicts.

Researchers found that monitored ibogaine-assisted therapy lacked any real risks or adverse effects (although it can be dangerous or fatal to those with heart conditions). Out of 30 study participants, only one-third relapsed within the first month after treatment and four out of 30 abstained from heroin use for more than one year after a single treatment. This is a much higher success rate of the typical addiction treatment program in the United States and other countries.

There are other factors that show that ibogaine-assisted therapy is absolutely worth further study. Many study participants reported that their ibogaine-assisted therapy sessions allowed them insight into the deep-seated reasons why they abused drugs in the first place.

In less than one year, the ibogaine clinic has grown in popularity and acceptance, becoming the top detox solutions provider for addiction issues especially opioids- heroin, pain pills, and a host of others. Their program offers a signature 7-day  comprehensive treatment program designed to help patients manage and eliminate withdrawal symptoms or cravings from substance abuse or emotional disorders.

The clinic runs an ibogaine treatment facility strategically located approximately 60 minutes South of the San Diego international border. The 5-bedroom beachfront property is designed to accommodate patients 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, equipped with an emergency room and a medical airlift ambulance service for any emergency requiring air transportation.

In with the clinic’s goals of offering a holistic solution to persons from one form of addiction or the other, New Roots also has a blog containing an extensive library of articles on several topics relating to addiction.

More information about New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic and the services offered can be found on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic

New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic is a Drug Rehab Treatment Clinic focused on providing alternative treatments for drug addiction. Headquartered in Ensenada, Mexico, the clinic offers a wide range of innovative treatment options to address the needs of patients and help them get their life on the right track.

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