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Press Release

Sturgeon Falls Plumbing Services Expansion Completed with 5 Star Review

Sturgeon Falls, Ontario based North Plumbing & Mechanical would like to announce that they have expanded their services in Sturgeon Falls and are already receiving 5-star reviews. They are helping commercial property owners and homeowners deal with plumbing repairs ahead of further winter warnings. “Always make sure you hire a licensed and insured plumber for any repair work. Hiring a plumber without a valid license is a big risk,” said David Fortier of North Plumbing & Mechanical.

Carrissa Messenger recently gave North Plumbing & Mechanical a 5-star rating. “I was looking for a plumber to do some minor jobs around our house,” she said. “I found North Plumbing & Mechanical on Google and gave them a try. I couldn't be more pleased with the professionalism, courtesy, honesty, and efficiency that David showed us. The workers arrived on schedule, and went to work, tightening and adjusting several faucets. They were done in less than an hour. I highly recommend them, and the price was fair too.”

With recurrent thaws happening daily, the smell from sewage backups will become more noticeable. These backups, which can happen in any property, can leave more than a bad smell behind (see for more). If the main sewer line has a blockage, every flush can contribute to a sewage backup in the toilets, sinks, and tubs. “Homeowners should avoid flushing anything which can cause a clog down toilets, including cotton swabs, diapers, and wipes such as facial tissues,” said Fortier.

After the excesses of festive cooking, many homeowners find that large quantities of food and bone cause clogs that can become lodged in the sewer line. Unsuspecting homeowners compound this by pouring grease or fat down the drain when they are still in liquid form. This hardens in the pipes and collects debris which becomes lodged and then causes stubborn clogs. Freezing weather compounds this further, as the water content expands in the pipes. To avoid freezing pipes in the winter, exposed pipes need to be insulated, particularly pipes near outside walls. If a blocked drain is not repaired quickly, the water can quickly overflow and damage the surrounding area, adding further repair expenses.

Fortier explained that “Homeowners often reach for off-the-shelf remedies to fix clogged drains. However, most of these use chemicals that can damage pipes and sewer lines, making what may have been a simple fix a much more expensive problem to repair.” In older properties, sewer backups could be caused by cracked, broken, or collapsed cast iron or clay pipes. “We recommend using a professional, who is licensed and insured, to assess the issue using a camera method, and then thoroughly clean the main line,” stated Fortier.

North Plumbing & Mechanical is a local company, servicing Sturgeon Falls for both commercial and residential property owners. “To ensure your bill does not leave you with a bad smell, we recommend getting a breakdown of costs highlighting the charges for materials and labor rather than a flat price quote. This is the best way to find out what charges are incurred. For instance, if a pipe must be replaced and a repair is not possible, this should be mentioned in the price breakdown. Here at North Plumbing & Mechanical, we take pride in providing a professional, licensed, and insured service for all our commercial and residential customers,” said David Fortier, North Plumbing & Mechanical.

Hot water heaters over ten years old should be considered for replacement as they are very susceptible to corrosion at the bottom. Over time, this corrosion creates leaks which flood beneath. This means that, in addition to the cost of the hot water heater, the cost to fix water damage caused by the leak can prove very expensive.

“We know that no one likes to be left with more problems when plumbing work is not done properly. Besides the mess and stench, finding a reputable firm who can fix it permanently can be costly,” added Dave Fortier.

North Plumbing & Mechanical is a certified Red Seal Licensed & Insured Plumber. They provide commercial and residential plumbing services in Sturgeon Falls and North Bay, ON, as well as the surrounding areas including Yellek, West Nipissing, Cache Bay, Verner, Crystal Falls, Redbridge, Derland, Balsam Creek, Bonfield, Nosbonsing, Astorville, Powassan, Nipissing, Trout Creek, Corbeil, and Callander.

For further information, contact Dave Fortier, North Plumbing & Mechanical, now servicing Sturgeon Falls, ON. Visitors can call or message directly using the contact details on their website at


For more information about North Plumbing & Mechanical, contact the company here:

North Plumbing & Mechanical
Dave Fortier
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Sturgeon Falls, ON P1B 8G5

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