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Press Release

NHU Won Shaoxing’s First China Patent Gold Award

Sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, the 20th Chinese Patent Award Ceremony was held in Beijing on December 25th, 2018. Zhejiang NHU’s patent, ZL201010101199.9 — “a preparation method of Continuous and Stable Micro-capsule Vitamin A”, which is under the guidance of Professor Chen Zhirong, won The Gold Medal. This is the first time that NHU won Chinese Patent Gold Award. Also, this is the first time that the Gold Award goes to Shaoxing City.

Established by the State Intellectual Property Office in 1989, Chinese Patent Award is the only award granted by Chinese government to incite patented inventions and creations. It is not only recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), but also the highest patent award in China. In addition, it is a honor of the highest rank in Chinese intellectual property field and has tremendous influence in the entire world.

At this time, there has been more than 2000 participating projects while there are only 30 patents can get the honor of the Gold Award. It means that the possibility of getting the award is only 1.5%, which is lowerand harder than that of getting the National Science Award.

With the instruction and participation of experts from NHU, this patent combines the frontier scientific research of the high gravity technology from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and the engineering and technical experience accumulated by NHU. It solves the technical problems of long emulsification time, high energy consumption and low bioavailability in the existing technology.

The China Patent Gold Award shows the professional recognition for NHU’s Science and Technology Innovation ability and intellectual property work.

Innovation Drives Development

In line with the strong technological innovation capability, NHU has always attached great importance to intellectual property work. A new intellectual property management system with the president and the vice president as the top leaders has established. Also, NHU has set up the Intellectual Property Department to take charge of relevant work.

Up to now, NHU has applied for 367 patents and has already owned 181, including 161 invention patents. Whats more, NHU has been awarded Zhejiang Province Patent Model Enterprise, the first national intellectual property superiority enterprises, National Intellectual Property Model Enterprises and won the China Patent Excellence Award, Petrochemical Association Patent First Patent Award, Zhejiang Patent Gold Award and other counting awards.

Scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property rights are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Therefore, NHU uses patent analysis as a means to penetrate intellectual property throughout the entire R&D process. Advanced investigation and analysis provide a clear direction for small-scale R&D, anti-infringement risk analysis ensures the effectiveness of R&D results, patent analysis navigation leads the layout of patent applications, and technical secrets analysis and identification protects the innovation results.

In addition, NHU has established an effective patent incentive mechanism to reward employees who have obtained patent rights. The purpose of this policy is to actively stimulate employees' enthusiasm for invention and creation. NHU believes that the only way for a company to develop and survive is to encourage their employees to keep being creative and active.

The era of globalization is coming. In the future, NHU will further strengthen the construction of intellectual property system, enhance core competitiveness and actively adapt the new technology, in order to embrace the arrival of new era.

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