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New anti-aging face cream uses nanotechnology to get remarkable results

January 9, 2019 - Orlando, FL - By combining high-tech ingredients and an innovative delivery system, a Florida-based skin care company, Sabrina Beauty, is getting dramatic results for its customers. The all-natural SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus is the signature product of Sabrina Beauty, which was founded by Laura Janay.

Sabrina Beauty’s nanotechnology and liposomal delivery system work together to create an anti-aging face cream that gives customers quick results. After applying the face cream morning and night for just a few days, customers will notice a reduction in pore size and redness or inflammation. Janay says that as customers continue to use the product over a few weeks, they will begin to see and feel the skin on their faces become softer and suppler.

Customer Jennifer Knox has been using the product for more than a month and said it fulfills its promise. “I LOVE it! My skin is so soft and smooth and the fine lines around my eyes are starting to diminish!” Knox noted, “I also really like how smooth and easy my makeup goes on after applying the cream.”

The time-release delivery system in SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus keeps the unique active ingredients from dissolving until they reach the dermal layer. The active ingredients are encapsulated in a liposome that slowly releases them so that they more effectively stimulate collagen production.

In addition to founding the company, Janay is also its managing director. After watching the effects of age and environment wear on her older sisters, Janay was looking for a solution. That led her to a West Palm Beach wound care specialist who had determined that the most effective way to restore collagen was to apply it directly to the skin’s dermis. The doctor teamed with a scientist to “nanosize” collagen so that it would be small enough to penetrate the skin and reach the dermal layer.

The SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus formula uses nanosized marine collagen, a Type 1 collagen similar to 70 percent of the collagen in human skin. But the collagen discovery is only the first of three parts of the innovative formula. Thanks to a new cultivation technology from Mibelle Biochemistry known as PhytoCellTecTM, the SABRINA formula incorporates high-tech plant cell culture that helps ensure the longevity of skin cells. The Green Apple Stem Cells, which come from a rare Swiss apple, work to diminish lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, fade age and acne marks, and much more.

The third prong of the SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus formula is advanced antioxidants Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin E Tocotrienol. Vitamin C Ester brightens and smooths your skin tone, minimizes the appearances of discoloration, and helps impart radiance on to your skin. Vitamin E Tocotrienol is like a supercharged Vitamin E. It works to protect the skin against free radical attacks by protecting the cell membrane, active enzyme sites, and DNA from free radical damage.

In a recent blog, FutureDerm founder Nicki Zevola Benvenuti said that SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus is a great answer to her concerns about the benefits of collagen: “The vast majority of the time, you’ll hear me say… collagen in skin care is a waste, because it’s too large to penetrate the skin, so it merely hydrates.”

Benvenuti wrote that SABRINA’s delivery system and nano-collagen make it work. “I’ve been using it during some of my low-sleep nights with my newborn (six-week-old) baby, and it’s kept my skin looking like I still have a pregnancy “glow,” she said.

FutureDerm’s founder isn’t the only customer achieving excellent results from the Sabrina Beauty product. Having used the product for about five months, April Willy said it “has diminished wrinkles and cleared away age spots that I've had for years.” Willy added, “It smells and feels great on your skin - a little goes a long way. I love this product!”

Michael Rauseo says it is a great product for men, too, explaining that after watching how his wife’s skin improved as she used the product, he decided to try it after shaving. “I felt the soothing effects on my face and have also seen results on my skin,” Rauseo said.

One jar of SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus lasts from six to eight weeks. Before using, customers should exfoliate and then exfoliate once a week thereafter. Founder Janay explains that unless you exfoliate, the dead skin cells that accumulate on our faces will absorb most of the facial products that are applied. “To get the best benefit from any face cream, you want the healthy skin to be exposed so that it can absorb all of the face cream,” she advised.

SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus is available from the company’s online shop, Your purchase includes free shipping and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

On the website, you can learn more about the science behind the product or read more reviews. To get information about two new Sabrina Beauty products coming in 2019 (a body cream and an exfoliater), follow the company on Facebook at SimplyBeautifulSkin, or on Instagram at sabrinaskincare.

About Sabrina Skin Care

Founded in 2017 by Laura Janay, Sabrina Skin Care is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The company’s mission is to create innovative skin care products like Sabrina Beauty that empower people to feel beautiful, confident, and happy with their skin and appearance.

To learn more about the company, visit or contact the company at or by phone at (561) 865-6460,

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