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Press Release

Jonathan Loiselle Announces Launch of New SEO Montreal Company

Jonathan Loiselle is happy to announce the launch of his new SEO Montreal company. With over 15 years of marketing experience and 10 years of digital marketing experience, Jonathan Loiselle has branched off on his own in the industry. While he understands that SEO is generally important, he knows that Montreal has quickly become one of the most competitive markets in the world.

When asked about this announcement, Jonathan Loiselle had this to say, “I’ve worked at 4 different marketing firms in the last 15 years. Though each of them brought something unique to the industry marketing-wise, I realized it was time for me to create my own brand. I have had my own ideas for a long time on how SEO should be approached, and now I want to offer my own clients that unique experience.”

Jonathan considers marketing his passion, often spending hours searching for marketing trends that will give his clients an edge over their competitors. His goal is to always be ahead of the trend so that his clients' marketing strategies will already be in place when the trend starts to shift.

Mary Walsh has been a client of Jonathan’s for the past two years at his prior marketing agency. When he left that agency to start his own, Mary followed suit. This was the experience she was glad to share, “When I heard Jonathan was leaving to start his own agency, I was glad to leave my old agency as well. I had worked closely with Jonathan for the previous 2 years and his transparency made it easy to understand his SEO plans. Though sometimes growth was small and steady, I never experience a dip or lapse in sales while I was with Jonathan - something I hadn’t experienced before that. I can’t wait to see what new strategies he brings to the table now that he is on his own!”

SEO is a key component of digital marketing. It is imperative that a business is following SEO Montreal guidelines if they intend to have success in the digital era. Jonathan dedicates himself to learned and understanding search engine algorithms, despite the fact that algorithms are typically kept secret. This usually involves hundreds of hours of research and testing, but he believes that it is worth it for his clients.

Todd Graham was a client of Jonathan’s in 2014 when a search engine algorithm started favoring websites that had mobile sites built. For many businesses, this was called “Mobile-geddon” and negatively impacted their rankings seemingly overnight. Todd Graham shared his experience with Jonathan during this trying time for businesses, “Jonathan had been ahead of the game. He called me one night, pretty close to the end of the business day for me, and explained his theory, suggesting that he add a simple mobile site. At first, I thought he was just trying to strike fear into me for an upsell, but he sent me data indicating the trend. I decided to trust his judgment and had the mobile site built. Then in April, my competitors suffered a fall in sales while I didn’t. I look forward to working with Jonathan when he starts his own company.”

While SEO is a big part of what Jonathan Loiselle offers, he actually offers all types of digital marketing. He can assist with website design to improve the sales funnel as well as pay-per-click advertising plans. Most importantly, he consults and advises businesses on what they should do for their marketing. He focuses on SEO plans that are crucial for a business’s growth, rather than suggesting the bells and whistles for every client. Learn more about Jonathan Loiselle by visiting this press release:

Other services that Jonathan Loiselle offers include SEO, content marketing, and banner advertisements. Though SEO seems specific to blogs, articles, and website content, it plays a special role in all types of marketing. Jonathan explains, “SEO isn’t always just keywords and key phrases. For example, with email marketing, it is important to choose the right phrasing so that when the prospective customer thinks of it later and wants to search it - they are searching the terms you’ve suggested. It’s a secret tip on cutting down on your pay-per-click costs since you’d be focusing on terms that are lower cost.”


For more information about Jonathan Loiselle, contact the company here:

Jonathan Loiselle
Jonathan Loiselle

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