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Press Release

SpaTap Camping Shower And Tap Reviewed By Free Range Camping

Free Range Camping, based in Eumundi, Queensland, Australia, has announced that they have published a SpaTap review, where they reviewed the world’s first eco-friendly, silicon-based, portable shower/tap combo that can fit into any water bottle. This means that campers and others who are outdoors for whatever reason, can have the convenience of having a portable shower or tap by attaching the SpaTap to a water bottle. The user can easily switch between tap mode and shower mode easily and quickly. It is also available in seven colors to suit each individual’s preferences.

Rob Catania, spokesperson for Free Range Camping, says, “SpaTap is an award winning, portable water saving outdoor tap and shower system. It dispenses water in 3 ways depending on the users needs. Attach any bottle, water and a cake of soap for an instant washing station. It appears to be a very useful product for camping, which is why we have sought to review it.”

Rob continues, “There are so many uses for the SpaTap, with some campers even suggesting it could be a great drink dispenser for their rum bottles. But for us it was a winner because, with a couple of taps we could use it with hot or cold water. It meant we could find a second use for plastic water bottles. It saved us power and more importantly water. As you know, water for any camper is premium, and although we are on a bus, and can hold a bit more water than the average, it is still an important resource, so finding ways to save it means we can last in the bush longer.”

Rob also pointed out that another thing they loved about SpaTap was that it was environmentally friendly and its inventor is doing his best to have the SpaTap made available in several villages in Africa where water is critical. Thus, for Rob Catania, SpaTap is a great camping item.

The SpaTap was invented by Stuart Mason. There are three ways in which water can be dispensed. When used as a tap, the user simply squeezes on the bulb so that small amount of water is dispensed. When used as a pump, the user simply removes then squeezes to allow a rapid flow of water. When used as SpaTap portable tap shower, the user removes the plug and the SpaTap provides a gentle constant flow of water. The flow rate is such that it will wet the user through, providing a 13-minute shower from an average 1.5 liter bottle.

Free Range Camping is one of Australia’s most comprehensive and biggest caravanning/camping and RVing related directories. They are of the belief that with its thousands of listings online, people are bound to find that special place they haven’t discovered yet. They also feature several products that they believe would be useful for camping.

Some of the new products available on the Free Range Camping website include awning hooks for caravans and RVs, door latch extensions, the Shoo Away for keeping the flies away, and Majestic 12 volt televisions. Also available are T-shirts designed by Free Range Camping that are caravan, camping, motorhoming and outdoor themed. Another product available on their website is the BioMagic range of products that are ideal for the motorhome and the caravan who wants to use natural ingredients insider their toilets, cleaning or water treatment.

Other important camping items in the Free Range Camping site include the camping mats. These mats are useful during those times when the camping site is water logged or there is sand, dirt or gravel and campers don’t want these things to get inside the tent, motorhome or caravan. Then there is the Original Rain Saver Gutter that converts the awning valance into a gutter system that can feed directly into the van’s tanks, jerry cans, or simply when they want to divert the water away.

Those who want information about SpaTap or who want to buy SpaTap or other products can visit the Free Range Camping website or call them by phone.


For more information about Free Range Camping, contact the company here:

Free Range Camping
Rob Catania
(07) 54061247
P.O Box 326 Eumundi, Queensland. Australia. 4526

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