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Press Release

Chicago Company Launches New Android App For Fake Numbers

Dollar Digits, a Chicago based company, has announced a new fake number app that is designed to help consumers to maintain their privacy. The app enables smartphone users to make calls and send texts with fake numbers, which in turn allows them to protect their privacy.

Jack Lombardi, a leader in internet optimization, is the developer of the new app. Lombardi says, “It can be difficult to protect one’s privacy in today’s digital world. Our idea was to develop an app that allows users to make phone calls and send text messages without worries of opening themselves up for hackers and other issues.”

The new Dollar Digits Fake Phone Numbers is available for smartphones through the Google Play store. Lombardi says that it takes just seconds to download and has been designed to give consumers ease of use. He says that individuals and businesses can benefit from the app, which allows users to text or call anyone in the world without revealing their actual phone number.

“Whether one is interested in online dating sites or conducting business around the world, it is important to protect those phone numbers,” says Lombardi. “Our Dollar Digits app will enable users to do virtually anything that they want to do with their phones without revealing their phone numbers so they never have to worry about unsolicited calls or texts.”

Lombardi says that users can give out their fake numbers without worries or risking their personal privacy. He says that if anyone begins texting or calling that the user does not want to hear from, they can simply change to a new fake number. The app works for texts, phone calls, picture messaging and private messaging on a number of platforms. Lombardi says that in order to get a free fake phone number, users simply have to download the app and then allow the generator to provide them with a number that can be used for safe calling and texting.

The app does away with the worries of being harassed or bothered by people that the user does not want having their actual phone number. Lombardi says real phone numbers can be saved for those that the consumer trusts and the fake number can be used for online dating, online business or any other instance where the consumer may not want to divulge their actual number to others.

Lombardi says that the new app for Android based platforms can be very useful for those who value their privacy but still want to interact with others in a safe and secure way. He continues, “All that is needed to create your number is to download the app and get started. It is a fast and simple way to have the freedom to be yourself without actually having to share too much personal information.”

The new app is available now and can be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone. Lombardi says that users will find it very beneficial for a number of purposes and that if the new fake number needs to be changed, it takes only seconds to do so. The phone number will be associated with the user’s phone and only that user’s phone so there are no worries of different people having the same number. He says that the fake number generator goes through thousands of number combinations in order to provide a unique phone number for each user.

Those who are interested in learning more about the new phone number generator app can learn more on the official website for Dollar Digits. Lombardi states that anyone who has questions about the app or the process of generating a new number can contact the site directly or learn more by visiting the app download page on the Google Play store. Jack Lombardi is the owner and operator Dollar Digits, as well as other websites that are designed to make life simpler and safer for consumers around the world.


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