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High Shine, Minimal Environmental Impact: TopCoat® Spritz™ & DryWash ”Consumers’ #1 Choice” For Premium Auto Detailing

Car detailing has now become easier and more efficient than ever before – and much eco-friendlier – thanks to an innovative product that has taken the online world by storm, TopCoat® Spritz™. TopCoat® Spritz™ is a high-performance coating that’s easy to apply like a quick detailer, yet it’s also a DryWash so you never have to wash again! This revolutionary product, sold by TopCoat® F11® has quickly risen to popularity among auto hobbyists, as well as DIY-Selfers who have been looking for a shop-quality cleaner and sealer in one, at a fraction of the cost, and at a fraction of the time! 

“We are very proud of TopCoat® Spritz™ & DryWash, as it’s a product that is in a league of its own,” said Scott, Topcoat F11 Co-Founder & Chemical Engineer. “TopCoat® Spritz™ is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), toxic chemicals, and abrasive compounds, and significantly delays the damage caused by foreign contaminants such as bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, UV, brake dust, and more. We invite all those looking for a quick and efficient way to clean, maintain, and enhance their vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces to try TopCoat® Spritz™ and join the thousands of satisfied customers from around the globe that swear by its results for years.”

As with any TopCoat® product, TopCoat® Spritz™ is Ideal for painted surfaces, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, dashboards and more, providing an amazing “quick gloss” shine to glossy surfaces, yet refreshes the natural appearance of matte and denim surfaces without a shine. “The unique chemistry of the coating only improves the treated surface, cleaning, enhancing, and protecting as it’s applied!” said Scott, continuing with, “The simple fact that you only need one product to do everything, without any washing or waxing, and gaining professional results in minutes, is just incredible!“ The product is ideal for windshields, windscreens, and windows providing an added measure of safety and visibility due to its hydrophobic properties. All TopCoat® Spritz™ treated surfaces are extremely hydrophobic, meaning they are extremely water repellent and as a result, shed water quickly and maintain their polished look even after a heavy rainfall.

TopCoat® Spritz™ is “intended for the person who doesn't have the time but wants the shine.” It’s extremely easy and safe to use and can be applied quickly using a “one-hand Spritizing” motion. Due to the unique formulation of TopCoat® Spritz™, stirring or shaking the bottle isn’t needed, unlike other complicated products on the market that need constant mixing. As with any TopCoat® product, it is also designed to work in conjunction with the TopCoat® High Performance Surface (HPS)™ Sealant or TopCoat® F11®, preserving, prolonging, and protecting with each application. It’s easy… cleaning becomes easier and maintenance becomes easier every time you use TopCoat® Spritz & DryWash.

A single bottle of TopCoat® Spritz™ can be purchased here.

To learn more about Topcoat F11, please visit

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