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Press Release

Fund Token: Say Goodbye To 2018, Say Hello to 2019

From providing a safe storage environment for digital assets, one-stop multi-currency management services, to digital assets financing services, bringing users a steady daily income, and then to the construction of consumer mining payment ecology, At last, by Global conseneus discussion conference, Fund Token drew a successful conclusion for the brilliant and colorful 2018.

Looking back on 2018, every partner's efforts have made Fund Token grow at an amazing rate. Since March, 2018, when Fund Token started its preparatory phase, every partner has devoted all his efforts to developing day and night to improve the technology, through hundreds of pressure tests to ensure the safety and stability of the system. Every partner in the technology and operations team is very excited. We all know that what we are preparing is not a simple system, but a great mission that can truly lead the future change.

After going through a difficult preparatory phase, Fund Token finally met with you in November 2018. After the official launch, we quickly completed the launch of FTcoin, opened the FundBox intelligent transaction, and brought stable benefits to all nodes. At the same time, we released the FTcoin mining and reward model, which laid a solid foundation for FTcoin ecosystem. FTcoin mining and award mode has been warmly welcomed by every node in the world since it was officially opened. All nodes are actively participating, which further demonstrates the affirmation of the value of FTcoin.

Because of value and consensus, more and more nodes around the world join the Fund Token system and become ecological co-builders. Looking back on 2018, Fund Token has completed the basic layout of the frontier of the token economy. Looking forward to 2019, more self-developed DAPP (distributed application) will begin one after another. Fund Token will connect solid entity industry with FTcoin ecosystem, realize the empowerment of high and new technology to entity industry, start the construction of consumption and mining application ecology in an all-round way. At the same time, more and more interesting applications such as FTcoin welfare and dual option mode will continue to join FTcoin ecosystem to create greater value for users.

I have built a broad stage for everyone, everyone for me, Fund Token, so that each node can fully blossom itself, and every node's efforts have also made Fund Token strong today. Wealth will eventually care for those who dare to rush, dare to fight and dare to do. Success is the crystallization of wisdom and courage, the result of confidence and practice, the sublimation of team and cooperation, and the miracle of perseverance and creation. Dear Fund Token family, in 2018, we worked hard and fought without regret. Next, let's fight against 2019 with the strongest passion and fighting power. Thank you for your company all the way. Fund Token in 2019 will surely lead the change of the token economy. Peer with the times, Fund Token brave!

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