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Reputation Management Agency in Los Angeles Advises Local Businesses To Monitor Their Online Reviews

Tempe, Arizona based Lucid Leverage LLC recently issued a public advisory on the importance of consistent online reputation management, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the local area.

Reputation management has a big impact on a company’s sales and revenue. Studies have shown that a company with a good reputation tends to attract new customers much more easily than the ones with poor or no reputation at all. “Even a single review online is enough to influence potential customers to patronize your products and services,” says Chris Quintela of Lucid Leverage LLC. Besides improving the quality of their goods and services, marketing experts also encourage SMEs to invest in a trusted online marketing firm to ensure reliable and consistent online reputation management.

The internet has already become a very powerful marketing platform for small and medium scale businesses to introduce their products and services to a bigger market. However, it has also become a double-edged sword that can instantly hurt or kill enterprises if not managed correctly.

According to Lucid Leverage, business owners can take control of their internet presence by doing a thorough audit of all their existing information, specifically that which is publicly available online. Businesses should dig through their old website content such as blog posts, or even social media posts across all platforms, and remove any unwanted or unnecessary media that may offend or confuse potential customers in the future. This must also be applied to the personal accounts of the owners and executives running the business to ensure that all digitally published information is honest and accurate.

Additionally, experts advise business owners to become proactive with responding to feedback on digital review platforms such as Yelp, Glassdoor, Indeed, Google and Facebook. “This way, potential customers will see how you respond to positive and negative criticism alike. You should bear in mind that receiving unpleasant reviews is inevitable, but there are a lot of ways to maneuver and recover from it,” says Quintela. A strong social media presence opens a lot of marketing and sales opportunities, especially to SMEs. Strategic use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube not only serves to highlight the company’s culture and personality, but also delivers the latest industry updates and other relevant content that are beneficial in influencing potential customers during their decision-making process.

Business owners are also encouraged to regularly publish content that is valuable to their target market. Online articles such as product comparisons and user reviews, as well as customer tips and guidelines are highly effective in attracting new clients. Companies without a strong online content database risk losing buyers’ awareness, and tend to miss out on many sales opportunities.

Furthermore, it takes a lot of work and patience to achieve a strong internet presence and a good online reputation. Digitally managing a brand is not an easy task to accomplish because there are always elements beyond one’s control. Startups and growing businesses may also find it difficult to keep up with this demand. That is why it is recommended that they hire an reliable and expert digital marketer who can take care of the company’s online marketing needs.

Those looking for a reputation management agency in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas may consider Lucid Leverage LLC. They offer professional online marketing services, including social media management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, YouTube video marketing, and online reputation management. They are considered one of the top online marketing firms in Arizona and California, based on positive reviews and feedback received online.

In a Google review, Kevin Cullina says, “Lucid Leverage has catapulted our business here in Los Angeles and the Southwest. Their SEO approach is far superior when compared to others. We thank their team for helping our business grow every day.”

“I have been working with Chris for five years now. He helped me build my business from the ground up and he has been a huge part of my success,” says Matthew Rogers.

More information about Lucid Leverage LLC’s digital marketing services can be found on their website. It also contains useful tips and guidelines on how businesses can utilize the power of SEO and other online marketing strategies to attract a steady stream of potential clients. Interested parties may also connect with them through their official social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with their latest updates and important announcements.


For more information about Lucid Leverage LLC, contact the company here:

Lucid Leverage LLC
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