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Press Release

Ms. Jia Zhiping, An Initiator of Handy Chinese Medicine Doctors

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and profound influence in China. The centuries-old science is, unexceptionally, embracing new perspectives with advancements in modern sciences. Some well-known practices like acupuncture, massotherapy, chiropractic and cupping are not only widely used in medical treatments, but also in sub-health restoration in people’s daily life. With ever-increasing demands from the general public, Ms. Jia Zhiping, a beneficiary and life-regained cancer patient of Chinese medicine, decided to dedicate herself to the research and popularization of traditional Chinese physiotherapies.

Ms. Jia Zhiping, An Initiator of Handy Chinese Medicine Doctors

Ms. Jia Zhiping was born and brought up in a military surgeon family with rich medical expertise and outstanding professional morals. She set up her first clinical health restoration center in 2002, but unfortunately, suffered from gastric cancer since 2006. As a Chinese medical doctor, Ms. Jia Zhiping didn’t give up, instead she tried the ancient blood-pricking on herself. After a period of treatment, cancer cells in her body were found to have diminished and her health was restored. The amazing result gave Ms. Jia confidence and inspired her to spread around easy-to-use practices of traditional Chinese medicine. Since then, Ms. Jia has become an initiator of “handy doctors” in hope of relieving more patients from illness and bringing them back to normal life.

Healthy life styles are promoted in the Outlines of Healthy China 2030 Program. The concept stresses not only medical treatment, but also more importantly, timely disease prevention including sub-health restoration, health protection, health maintenance and health improvement, to guide people away from overdrafting health and painfully confronting diseases to caring about health and preventing illnesses.

The sub-health population keeps increasing, as most people are found to have many minor symptoms, which eventually lead them to hospital beds. Facing such a common phenomenon, Ms. Ja is aware of the importance to alert people of disease prevention and sub-health restoration. After in-depth studies and repeated clinical trials, Ms. Jia comes up with an innovative theory that all diseases are caused by stagnation and timely blood pricking can help eliminate such stagnation. Based on the ancient Chinese Qi-and-Blood interaction mechanism, and combined with modern cytobiology, Jia theory, named as new blood pricking practice, pioneeringly defines 53 pathways at terminals in a blood circulation system that are apt to stagnate. Once familiar with the 53 pathways and with the blood pricking practice, everybody can cure diseases on his/her own at home, thus saving money, time and energy. Jia theory offers an ideal solution for patients so that they cure and prevent diseases simply by themselves!

Ms. Jia Zhiping, An Initiator of Handy Chinese Medicine Doctors

In order to spread around her finding and to pass on the traditional Chinese medical culture, Ms. Jia has been teaching students across China for many years. Under a circumstance of health promotion nationwide, Ms. Jia sets up New Blood-pricking Therapy Center to benefit more people and save more lives. Ms. Jia has a large number of recovered patients across the country and accomplished students like Ms. Qi Huangyan.

A good reputation is the best proof and recognition of her capability. Owing to her outstanding achievements and contribution, Ms. Jia was interviewed by China Central Television Health Channel during the Chinese Medicine Health Care Forum held by the International Exchange Center under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in June 2013. In August the same year, she was awarded, by a Thai prince, Outstanding Contributions to Human Health during the 3rd International Conference on Traditional Medicines co-held by the World Conference on Traditional Medicine and the Working Committee of China National Science & Technology Innovative Developments. Ms. Jia was elected among candidates of Chinese Brand Stories in November 2018 in recognition of her strong social responsibility.

Ms. Jia Zhiping, An Initiator of Handy Chinese Medicine Doctors

Standing on a new starting point, Ms Jia Zhiping is full of confidence in inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine. She expresses her determination to “train more people in the rest of her life so that more people can avail themselves of her blood-pricking method to cure diseases and so that more families and the country can be relieved from burdens”. This is not only her mission, but also an aim and commitment for all Chinese medical practioners of her generation.

Looking forward to the New Year, Ms. Jia will continue fulfilling her commitment to spread around the blood-pricking method and to achieve her hope of “letting every family have their own doctors”. In the advent of the New Year, Ms. Jia and her peer Chinese medical practicers send their sincere blessing and greeting to all those who work hard for their families and for the new era.

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