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Tree Service In Alameda Recommends Regular Tree Trimming or Pruning

Alameda Tree Leaders, a tree service company based in Alameda, CA, has announced that they are recommending the regular trimming or pruning of trees because trees that are not properly trimmed or pruned can result into serious problems later on. For instance, the branches of a tree may have been allowed to grow for a long time that they may now be almost touching electric lines or the windows of the home. The wind can cause those branches to hit the electric lines or the windows, causing damage and problems for the homeowner or property owner.

Alameda Tree Leaders spokesperson Victoria Reese says, “Series issues can stem from the improper pruning or trimming of your tree branches. Arborists from Alameda Tree Leaders know how and when tree trimming is best to keep all of your trees healthy and looking good. Contact us today for your free tree service estimate.”

Victoria Reese adds, “Trees help tie together both residential and commercial properties - providing shade, character, and more. Alameda Tree Leaders can help make this come true for you - call us today to have your Alameda, California trees taken care of.”

Trees that have been poorly trimmed or pruned can get injured, making them vulnerable to diseases. And once one tree has been infected, the disease could spread to other trees, which would be a disaster. Trees offer a number of benefits to people, especially the homeowners. This is because they absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, which is what is need by people. Furthermore, trees provide shade, especially during the summer months, and they can also serve as protection against strong winds. During a storm, they can serve as a buffer so that strong winds would have less impact on the house. Those who want to know more about Alameda Tree Leaders can visit their website or the web page

Meanwhile, tree removal is being offered by Alameda Tree Leaders because dead or dying trees in the yard do only look unattractive. They can also harbor diseases and pests, posing a threat to the health of the family members. Dead tree trunks are attractive to rats and other pests who love to make a home inside the trunk of a tree. Rotten trees can contain bacteria that are harmful to the other trees. The only solution would be to remove such trees. However, tree removal should only be done by professional and experienced arborists who know whether a tree is dead or dying. Amateurs may not know the difference and end up cutting down a tree that could still survive.

Victoria Reese points out that while many people would like to use trees as part of their natural landscaping for the home or property, but they cannot simply plant them and then just walk away. Trees need to be inspected regularly and this should be done by professional and experienced arborists. And even before planting trees, homeowners may find it advisable to consult with arborists on the best types of trees that they can plant in their area. Arborists from Alameda Tree Leaders can also offer tips on taking care of those trees.

Furthermore, Alameda Tree Leaders also offers emergency tree services for those times when a tree has suddenly collapsed or a major branch has fallen, especially after a storm with strong winds. Or perhaps, the homeowner has suddenly noticed that the branch of a tree has grown such that it is almost touching the electric lines, which is a dangerous situation. Or the branches of a tree are now hitting the windows or walls of the house, which can result in damage to the property or injury to family members.

Alameda Tree Leaders is a high quality tree service company Alameda, California area that is serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. They are open for business from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Those who require their services or who would like to get a free estimate can check out their Google Maps page at


For more information about Alameda Tree Leaders, contact the company here:

Alameda Tree Leaders
Victoria Reese
1705 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA, 94501

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