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Press Release

Fake Phone Number App Introduced By Dollar Digits

Dollar Digits, which is based in Chicago, Illinois, has announced that they have released a fake number app that offers a number of benefits. According to the company, the app provides a backup second phone number that can keep the user’s personal or business number safe. Whether conducting business or dating, the Dollar Digits app can help protect a person’s privacy. Furthermore, the app notifications can be turned off if the user doesn’t want to be disturbed. Instead, the calls can go to voicemail or the user can forward the calls to a real number with a simple change in settings.

A Dollar Digits spokesperson says, “This app allows users to call an Uber without the fear of giving out a number to a stranger. This substitute phone number can be continued or deleted immediately after use. The applications of a second anonymous phone number include using it for dating websites, social media, UBER, LYFT, or AIRBNB. Some business owners choose Dollar Digits for their clients to keep their professional life from interfering with their personal life.”

On the other hand, it should be noted that Dollar Digits can also be used by men and women to cheat without getting caught. However, the spokesperson explains that any tool can be used inappropriately and it is really up to the user to make sure that it is used properly. Indeed, it can be used for the protection of those who use online dating sites, especially women. By using an anonymous phone number, they can provide their online dates with a way to text or call them. However, should it turn out that the one they are communicating with is abusive and cannot be trusted, they can easily cancel the fake phone number without their real number being affected.

Previously, women who were being harassed or stalked only had recourse to changing their primary phone number. With Dollar Digits, it is easy for them to maintain their anonymity. If it turns out later that they have interacted with a stalker or someone who loves to harass women, they can simply cancel the temporary number.

The spokesperson says, “It is easy to create your fake number. You simply download the app and then choose an area code and the kind of service that you want for your second temporary number without contacting your carrier or having additional contracts. To maintain your back-up anonymous phone number, choose the package that you think is best for you. You can have a fake phone umber for $1.99 per month or get additional packages with more features beginning at $3.99 per month. These packages can provide more calling and texting options.”

Another benefit from the Dollar Digits app is that online sellers can use it to maintain their privacy. People who are just starting with online selling will understandably be reluctant to give away their primary phone number. The temporary second phone number allows them to communicate with potential customers without giving out their primary phone number.

Professionals will also find the anonymity provided by the temporary second phone number to be useful. It is understandable that people would hesitate to give their real phone number to people they have just met. Dollar Digits eliminates this fear of the possibility of having given their number to a person who might turn out to be a criminal or an unscrupulous person. The app allows them to interact with other people, which is essential in the practice of their profession, without having to reveal their real number.

The fake numbers from Dollar Digits are no-contract second phone numbers for personal or business use. To use it, people only need to download the Dollar Digits app and then choose an area code. This allows the user to have a second temporary phone number without worrying about big carrier rates or commitments. Dollar Digits is a lightweight app that will blend in on the user’s smartphone.

Those who need more information about this iPhone or Android app can visit the Dollar Digits website or the App or Play store.


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