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Litecoin Foundation and X9 Developers Announce Collaboration

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2018 / The Litecoin Foundation has formalized a collaboration with X9 Developers in the maintenance, debugging, and hardening of ltcd and potentially other Lightning Network (LN) technologies. X9 Developers are a blockchain agnostic dev team whose founders are the core developers and fully funded by Stakenet (XSN). As Stakenet's overall vision is to build an interoperable cross-chain future built on the LN, both parties incentives are aligned to work together.

X9 Developers have already implemented a beta version of cross-chain atomic swaps via the Lightning Network available for testing between XSN and LTC. Their current focus is to improve the user experience of the LN and develop a 'one click' solution for LN atomic swaps. They have also been working to bring ltcd up to speed with the latest on btcd which will enable Litecoin support on neutrino, a Lightning Network light client. This marks an important first step in making LN app development easier as a full node will no longer be required to run a LN wallet or application for lnd implementations.



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