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After the Wallet’s popularity, what is the next most popular thing?

As the new year is drawing near, reviewing the digital currency trading of this year, it can be described as a real “high opening and low operating” – from the perspective of decline, BTC 79.7%, ETH 88.48%, XRP 86.96%, EOS 78.77%, LTC 89.97%, BCH 96.13%. The mainstream digital currency is still the same, what about the other currencies? It is not uncommon for dozens of hundredfold declines. Of course, even if the digital currency trading was so “bad” that it did not bring a real explosion to investors, the blockchain is still expected by millions of people. In this year, we have experienced ICO, trading digging mines, digital currency reforms, blockchain reforms, stable value cryptocurrencies, gambling Dapps, etc... These dazzling terms are like storms, leaving us a ground covered with chicken feathers.

Looking back, there is only one phenomenon which lasts to now: the “wallet” popularity led by plus Token. It is known that the plus Token has been on the line since the beginning of the year, and its Token price has soared all the year, and the more frustrating the braver it is. It has achieved an increase as high as 5,000%! Not only for this achievement, plus Token serves millions of users worldwide, and its radiation is more than 70 countries and regions including Europe, America and Africa. It is entitled “2018 Global Most Valuable Digital Assets”, “2018 Most Valuable Digital Assets”, and “2018 Technology Innovation Platform” by Wall Street.

Behind these honours is more of the later emulator. According to the latest data, in the second half of 2018, there were 125 similar projects with the words “Token” and “Wallet” in the name. This does not include all kinds of wallet financing, brick arbitrage, trading and all kinds of bionic projects like financial management. It can be said that plus Token almost leads the half of the market! It is no wonder that plus Toke has led to a new phenomenon, that is, more and more retail investors are willing to transfer the gaming token which was originally placed on the exchange to the plus Token wallet. In their opinion, the bear market is too long, and they look at their assets shrink, so it is better to put money in a plus Token wallet.

East of the great river, wash away the wave. Today’s plus Token still has high vision. After gaining a long-term layout in the international market, it is not just a wallet’s plus Token, it has begun to focus on its business on the STO exchange. With the global supervision of the blockchain and the deepening of the demand and the increasing demand for STO by investors, a compliant exchange which can satisfy the basic investment security of users has become a necessity. Whether it will  be the popularity of the next digital currency trading? Let’s wait and see.

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