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Expert digital marketer Josh Sturgeon, Co-founder of EmberTribe
EmberTribe provides full-service digital advertising campaigns for early stage startups. The company focuses on customer acquisition through paid channels like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Native Ads.

By Zoey Thompson

Boston, MA - The rise of social media and phone apps has disrupted the world of advertising and created an advertising vacuum as old PR and marketing firms struggled to better understand the new Internet ecosystem. EmberTribe is among the new breed of Digital Marketing firms that have embraced the change to bring a diverse and technology-focused approach to customer engagement.  In a relatively short period of time, the energetic digital marketing firm managed to attract clients like CharBroil and Cloudfare and partner with MIT, Harvard Business School and Techstars. Co-founder Josh Sturgeon explains that the company’s success can be tied to its ability to quickly adjust its approach based on what works and doesn’t work in their client’s space.

“We use a scientific approach to digital marketing,” explains Sturgeon. “A lot of research goes into every campaign so that we not only know exactly who we should target as our client’s customers but what elements will cause them to respond to a campaign. In addition to that, we also have a methodology that allows us to quickly test campaigns and adjust as necessary.”

The ability to adjust an in-progress marketing campaign to meet response challenges is why they believe they have been able to achieve maximum results for their clients. The company takes great pride in being able to develop the types of sales funnels that can bring a small business from obscurity to security. “Our focus has been on early stage startups,” he explains. “We have been in their position and learned how to quickly amplify a message and overcome the challenges of being a startup company in a global economy.”

The modern business landscape is fueled by a diverse set of desires and expectations. EmberTribe has gathered together an eclectic mix of talent capable of delivering not only the most advanced digital marketing solutions but also creative campaigns that appeal to even the most jaded consumer. EmberTribe believes that their rapid-fire technical approach allows for a better working relationship with their clients because they must demonstrate measurable results or else their clients can walk. 

“The fact that we focus on business metrics that are meaningful to our clients and we don’t tie them down to some multi-year contract lets them know we are confident in our ability to get quick results. The goals we set for ourselves keeps us mindful that we need to make a daily difference on their behalf,” he explains.

EmberTribe is a new media company for a new age. For more information, visit the company’s website.

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Contact Person: Josh Sturgeon
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Phone: (844) 561-2337
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