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Press Release

SoGal LA Influencer Summit 2018, The Next Century Oriented Internet Celebrity Economy Forum

SoGal Influencer Summit 2018 is a next-century oriented internet celebrity economy forum that has created a new force in the female populations. With goals intended to help young women explore new possibilities by finding out who they are, what they want to be, how to find confidence and most importantly how to use social media platforms and any other relevant media to advance their ideology and become leaders of the community. 

The second SoGal Influencer Summit, LA was hosted by SoGal in Los Angeles on December 1st with a perfect ending at half past five in the afternoon. Hundreds of people attended it. 

In the time of internet celebrities, SoGal LA is a chapter, led by Yanyu Xu (Chloe) that is redefining the word “internet celebrities” as able-minded and innovatively influential women. They oppose the current public opinion that such celebrities should be the rich and beautiful ones, basing their assessment of value on the content of their brains. This summit intends to deeply explain, and analyze how women build their brand and amass influence with the aid of social media. Further, it reveals how to be a leader at a tender age, as a lady and display critical leadership qualities. 

SoGal LA Director Chloe is giving opening to audience

The attendees participate in demonstrations that explain how to effectively position themselves through the social media platforms and consequently, build their brands. This involves making images, not the simple illustrative pictures seen on ones’ WeChat Moments. It is explained that they should put their unique influences and creativity to play to achieve self-realization and become the trendsetters of social media in the future.

In participation at the summit, there were twenty-five successful and hugely influential people in different fields who had the role of guest speaking. Ash Kumra, the writer of the business journal Morgan James, Vera Wang, a famous entrepreneur and internet celebrity in New York, Mona Arkin, a presenter in Hollywood, Aileen Xu, a YouTube celebrity, JJ Josh, an Instagram celebrity, Crystal Li, a model at New York Fashion Week and Jessica Wang, a female producer of Seven Star were among the influential minds that were guest speaking. 

At the event, they share, with the attendees, their unique experience and life experiences intimately in roundtable discussions, providing professional suggestions and tips for the millennials on how to take their first baby steps in the world of business.

The summit receives excellent support from several sponsors including OnePiece, Chihuo, Greenland, China Telecom, Disney, Hemali’s Studio, Tuesday, Artifice, Atelier Agency, J.ING, Verified, Sunnyside LA, Youngry, Skin Inc and Bodyography. 

Gift bag preparing process

During the event, there is a professional team of make-up artists led by Coca Studio that provides on-site makeup services for the attendees and gives professional suggestions and make-up tips according to a person’s physique and character to help every attendee muster an ideal image. Meanwhile, in the venue, camera equipment provided by Hemali, a prize-winner in professional photography facilitates the shooting of all attendees from various angles. 

After the perfect ending to a summit, the SoGal LA team receives accolades respectively from the guest speakers, attendees, and sponsors. Among these plaudits, a guest speaker explains in her thank-you email that the summit has enabled her to find significance in her life. She goes on to explain that it also helped her find the meanings of life’s questions at a moment when she was lost for ideas. 

One significance of this critical summit was promoting exchanges between different cultures. The guest speakers invited, were from various corners of the globe and the attendees also had different countries of origin. America, Italy, Australia, China, and South Korea are a few of the countries involved. Such diversity helps to understand different cultures intimately. It also aided Chinese and other Asian women in integrating into the foreign environment much more efficiently.

During the event, NetEase News and RealTalk, the two dominant media channels in Los Angeles conducted interviews with the guests. This activity was strategically chosen to help people gain unique insights and vital experience from the experience of the guests.

This summit will become kickoff of SoGal LA evens that will be conducted every two years. As the program matures, these summits are expected to grow more productive and insightful to their attendants.

SoGal LA Director Chloe Xu

SoGal Team member Vivian, Kiara, Jinmeng Yang, Vivi Wu, Skye and volunteers

In conclusion, this summit is a brainchild of Yanyu Xu, the director of SoGal LA and all the other integral members associated with SoGal LA. I offer special thanks to all the sponsors who contributed to the success of this summit, making it vivid and fulfilling. Among the sponsors, Disney’s unique contribution is worth noting. It presents 200 beautiful gifts and free passes as awards in the lucky draw conducted during the summit. Also, the attendants were appreciative of Greenland providing SoGal LA with a venue for use after the summit to promote the communications between the young women and “internet celebrities” in the after party. (Yanyu Xu, the director of SoGal LA)

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