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Dreams Become Reality as Over 200 Nijigen Comic Creators Land on the CFun Platform

The Nijigen cultureACG subculture, two-dimensional spacehas successfully entered the mass market and is becoming widely embraced by more and more people. However the Nijigen sector suffers from its ‘top-heavy’ market structure. Most content platforms are keen on harvesting the few top or ‘super’ IP comics, meanwhile the value of lower level works, which account for most of the market and are created by quality amateurs, is still under development. As a result, most cartoonists consider themselves as "dreamers that dream for a living” but whose work cannot sustain a reasonable living.

CFUNWORLD has emerged as a solution in response to this industry weakness. CFun Platform is a social platform for creators to provide services through blockchain technology. After two years of rigorous technology development and market testing, it provides an unrivalled platform making cartoonists’ "dreaming for a living" gradually become a reality. To date, CFun Platform has accumulated more than 200 Nijigen creators.

Castle Gameplay: CFUNWORLD Helps Cartoonists Break the Borders and Overcome the Industry's Weak Spots

Under the traditional model, the output of Nijigen content is conducted by cartoonists and intermediaries. The cartoonists are responsible for producing the content, meanwhile the intermediaries are responsible for translation and channel distribution, which they can charge at a high agency percentage fee. Therefore, intermediaries tend to focus on promoting top level works in order to achieve higher profits. The greater promotion of the work of leading comic creators makes the big differentiation in income between amateur and established Nijigen cartoonists much starker. Lower level IP creators and new cartoonists struggle to make a living and sometimes if there are copyright disputes, it is difficult to protect their legitimate interests.

CFUNWORLD uses blockchain technology to decentralize digital castle play and directly address the industry weaknesses, bringing new opportunities to cartoonists. Through this unique combination of blockchain technology and Nijigen content, the non-tampering of works and the legitimate rights and interests of cartoonists are guaranteed. Each digital castle on the CFun Dapp is generated by blockchain and encryption algorithm technology, and is a self-operating independent community. The leader of the digital castle, the castle owner, is at the heart of this independent community. The castle owner can set the proportions of the castle and call together the cartoon creators and translators to become IP co-creators, so they can earn considerable income.

At the same time, CFun Platform records each user's views, comments and likes on the blockchain, ensuring the authenticity, anonymity and non-tampering of all data. Tokens are used to reward user behavior and to create a thriving content ecosystem. Also notably CFun platform is creating an international stage for Nijigen comic creators by operating with Japan, Korea and America as the main creative markets and China and Asia as key consumer markets.

Recently, CFUNWORLD's innovative model has been getting widespread recognition and the company has entered into cooperation with leading Korean comic companies, Torycoms and Cream Media. Over 200 cartoonists from Torycoms and Cream Media have listed on the CFun platform.

New Star IP Production Model Allows Content and Traffic to Run in Parallel

Based on castle play, CFUNWORLD has also opened up a new chapter in the production of celebrity IP content by creating virtual images for stars. According to the star’s wishes, they will be assigned a cartoonist on the CFun platform, who will create a Nijigen image and a corresponding series of comics for them which will be regularly updated. This not only opens the door to the Nijigen world for the stars, but also allows fans to interact with their idols in the Nijigen world. This will lead to more creative materials by the CFun platform comic creators and a greater mass readership.

Currently the serial comics, CHIEF DETECTIVE KENICHI and KILLER ADAM, which are based on famous Chinese stars Hu Xia and Xiong Rulin, are serialized on the CFun Dapp platform. In the future, more than 20 stars will stage their stories in the Nijigen world on CFun Dapp.

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