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Leading Brand of China's Beauty Industry AD Hair Salon Appeared on the Big Screen in Times Square

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2018 / Times Square, New York City, USA, is the center of global marketing, the core location of which is the Nasdaq big screen. It is known as the most influential digital display in the world and is called the "The No. One Screen in The World". Welcoming visitors from all over the world, The Times Square boasts a visitor flow reaching 1.5 million each day. Some famous brands such as Ali, JD and Baidu have all appeared on the screen to embrace the world stage, for the screen is one of the best channels to attract the world's attention. On December 5th, 2018 American time, AD Hair Salon, a leading brand of Chinese beauty industry, was shown on the big screen of Times Square, becoming the first one of world's hairdressing industry appearing on the screen. AD Hair Salon constantly upgrades the technology in the hairdressing industry to accelerate the rise of China's beauty industry.

AD Hair Salon is affiliated with Beijing Aidi Image Design Co., Ltd., China, which focuses on discovering beauty and the merit of each girl and creating hairstyles unique to themselves based on their own characteristics. Hairdressing is the most popular topic for girls all over the world, and the design of hair style is also the most important concern for them. AD Hair Salon has developed a number of perm techniques to satisfy all the fantasies for Asian women about hair styles, among which the most popular one is the air cushion perm exclusive to AD Hair Salon. The air cushion perm can solve the awkward period (when the hair length is between long and short) when women try to grow long hair, which is especially designed for Asian women's fine and soft hair that is difficult to harness. AD Hair Salon carefully considers the needs of Asian women, using the special perm technology to present natural curls and match with bangs that perfectly shapes their faces. The perm can present delicate faces with an effect even comparable to plastic surgery.

The air cushion perm is featured by focusing on the overall hair style rather than curls. Asian women cannot love the casual and lazy style more. The lines and fluffiness of the hair made without extra trouble meet their expectations of lightness. Even more importantly, they can get rid of the flat hair and create hair styles similar to those worn by celebrities under the spotlight. After years of study and research, AD Hair Salon found that each type of perm technology has certain limitations, but the air cushion perm could play all of the advantages. The effect of air cushion perm varies from person to person, so that it can give everyone a unique hair style which only belongs to themselves.

From the minimalist furnishing style to the neatly clothing of hair stylists, all elements inside AD Hair Salon show its pursuit of fine details. It is the extreme attention to details that endows the brand a sharp sense to the merit of every Asia woman. This is also the reason why AD Hair Salon attracts enormous loyal customers in a short period of time, including some celebrities. What's more, it wins a good reputation among Chinese social circles, and customers who come here to admire its reputation are in endless stream.

In the complex environment of the hairdressing industry, AD Hair Salon still keeps in mind its original intention, insists on only creating good and fine techniques and constantly developing new technologies. The goal of AD Hair Salon is to help create the most beautiful Asian women, so that every girl would love themselves and find their own strengths, and let them be confident and happy from top to toe.


SOURCE: Beijing Aidi Image Design Co., Ltd.

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