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VDAX, World's First Real-Time Security Token Offering (STO) Trading Platform Offers New Investment Concept

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2018 / The world's first real-time Security Token Offering (STO) trading exchange platform worldwide, VDAX (, has launched at a blockchain industry conference on November 28 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Security Token (ST) is considered a competitive supplement to traditional stock exchanges.

Blockchain is considered the fourth industrial revolution and has become one of the most popular sectors in the tech industry. After 10 years since the blockchain technology was invented, blockchain applications were still uncertain. This has changed with the arrival of security tokens. "A security token is not only an application scenario, but more of a new field in traditional security, and may evolve into a form of super-security in the near future," says Sun Jiangtao, CEO of China Binary New Fintech Group and Founder of Goopal Group.

Compared to traditional stock exchanges, STO has many inherent advantages, including more efficient account management, T+0 real-time transactions and 24/7 trading flexibility. Based on the architecture of smart contracts, VDAX is more efficient when combined with exchange platforms.

While it's difficult to predict whether Security Tokens will replace traditional exchanges, it is almost certain that ST is very attractive and promising as a new investment option.

VDAX version 1.0 was released online on October 18 with an official announcement at the conference in Kuala Lumpur, which further introduced a platform upgrade.

"VDAX complies with Estonia's regulations for ST. Investors can have a more user-friendly experience in our upgraded version. At the moment, VDAX is working with multiple companies to tokenize their assets," says Sam Su, Chairman of VDAX Management Association.

VDAX Introduction:

  1. Product Features´╝ÜReal-Time Trading, Safe, Transparent.
  2. Upcoming Events: 10+ Public STO Offerings.
  3. Vision: Make the Global Financial Market Accessible by Investors from Anywhere


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