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Press Release

Partners Reunite To Launch The Gift Of Scent Online E-Commerce Store

The Gift of Scent LLC is a new online e-commerce store with headquarters in Pfugerville, TX, that has just been launched. Partners from a long successful aromatherapy diffuser business have reunited bringing decades of knowledge in the industry and vast marketing experience say this is going to be the best business venture ever. The online store offers a variety of fragrance products, such as essential oils, fragrance oils, including tarts, wafers, and scented oils. They also offer various devices used for fragrances, such as aromatic diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers.

Jeffrey Smith, owner of SEO Ultimate Plus, and spokesperson for The Gift of Scent, says, "We are happy to announce that we are now open just in time for the upcoming holiday season. For those who are still wondering about what kinds of gifts will they giving to friends and loved ones this holiday season, they need not worry because we have the perfect gift for them. We provide all kinds of natural and organic fragrances, including fragrances for the home, personal care products, car and travel products, holiday fragrancers, and different kinds of fragrances."

The Gift of Scent Pflugerville TX online store has several gift sets now available. These include the Car and Travel Energy gift set, the Car and Travel Rejuvenation gift set, the Exquisite Autumn gift set, the Fragrance Trio gift set, and the Scents of Christmas gift set.

They also have various collections, such as The Gift of Scent fragrance oil diffusers. One type of oil diffuser is the plugable diffuser, which includes the Arctic Wolf Premium Plugables Home Fragrancer, Blue Mosaic Plugables Fragrance Vase Wax Warmer, Celtic Knot Medallion Granny Smith Plugables Electric Home Fragrancer, Celtic Knot Medallion Plugables Electric Home Fragrancer, Cherry Blossoms Premium Plugables Home Fragrancer, Elf Hat Plugables Electric Home Fragrancer, Fleur Medallion Classic Plugables Home Fragrancer, and Fleur Medallion Rose Quartz Plugables Electric Home Fragrancer.

For the upcoming holidays, The Gift of Scent has several fragrancers. These include the Glitter Domes Angels Home Fragrancer, Glitter Domes Christmas Tree Home Fragrancer, Glitter Domes Santa Home Fragrancer, Glitter Domes Snowman Home Fragrancer, and Glitter Homes Snowy Scene Home Fragrancer. There are also scented holiday ornaments, such as the Ribbon Scented Holiday Ornament, Snowflake Scented Holiday Ornament, and Tree Scented Holiday Ornament.

Of course, The Gift of Scent also supplies various kinds of essential oils. These include the Belle Aroma 10ml 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Belle Aroma 10ml 100% Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil, Belle Aroma 10ml 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Belle Aroma 10ml 100% Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Breathe Easy 100% Essential Oil Synergy, Citrus Bliss 100% Essential Oil Synergy, Mandarin Sunset 100% Essential Oil Synergy, Mental Energizer 100% Essential Oil Synergy, Mountain Forest 100% Essential Oil Synergy, and Stress Free 100% Essential Oil Synergy.

Those who want to get more information on the various fragrances available at The Gift of Scent can visit the company website or contact them by phone.


Contact The Gift of Scent:

jeffrey smith
888-937-5682 ext # 704
4717 Priem Ln Building 3 STE 303 Pflugerville, TX 78660-7892

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