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Press Release

Increasing Number of North American Couples Trying European Surrogacy Options

Valencia, Spain - Nov 20, 2018 - With fertility rates decreasing, the price of surrogacy options in North America increasing and restrictive laws in Canada and in many US states, one Ukrainian clinic is reporting a staggering increase in applications from North American couples. 

One reason that surrogacy in Ukraine has become so popular in the past five years are the liberal laws which improve the rights of ‘intended parents’. Unofficially Europe’s ‘capital of surrogacy’, Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world which opens up its safe, regulated surrogacy programs to legally married heterosexual couples from all around the world. As a result, a number of Ukrainian surrogacy clinics have begun offering their services to international couples and, increasingly, those from the US & Canada.

Local laws ensure that intended parents appear on the birth certificate, meaning that the surrogate has no legal claim to the child. Ukrainian law also insists that at least one of the intended parents have a genetic link to the child, meaning that a sperm or egg donor can also be used in cases where one partner has struggled with fertility issues. 

There’s also strict rules about who can act as a surrogate. Surrogate candidates have to be at least 21 years old, have had at least one healthy child previously and must also pass a number of thorough medical tests and procedures. The most reputable of Ukrainian surrogacy clinics offer introductions to a number of eligible candidates for intended parents to choose from, as well as being able to provide legal support post-birth. 

Ilaya, a pan-European fertility and surrogacy clinic operating both in Ukraine and from their company headquarters in Spain, is one such company. They report a notable increase in enquiries from the US and Canada in the past few years. The company, who were profiled in a special BBC report on Ukrainian surrogacy earlier this year, claim that more interest from overseas has been fuelled by more people talking up their success stories at Ukrainian surrogacy clinics. 

A spokesperson for the Ilaya fertility clinic said: “The taboo around exploring surrogacy options abroad - and specifically in Ukraine - is finally being challenged. As more and more people are travelling home with their happy, healthy babies, the mystery which shrouds surrogacy abroad is lifted a little more each time.” 

“Although clinics like ours offer full and total discretion, we’re finding that satisfied new parents from all over the world can’t help but talk about their excellent experiences in our care. And who can blame them? Having a baby you’ve longed for for so long really is life-changing.”

Having helped couples from Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, The UK & Ireland among others for years, the clinic has begun welcoming couples from the US and Canada to their headquarters in Spain. Usually for a Ukrainian clinic, although couples are necessitated to travel to Kiev during the surrogacy period, the initial consultation is conducted in Valencia. 

Couples interested in the clinic’s surrogacy services are encouraged to contact their team first and set up a free first consultation meeting. 

About Ilaya:

Founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2011, ilaya has helped countless couples from all over the world become parents. Specializing in innovative medical technologies, ilaya offer fertility & surrogacy services and PGD, as well as innovating in fields such as tissue regeneration and bio-insurance. Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, more information can be found at

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