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Press Release

Dan Lok Review Published By Mike Marko

Mike Marko, owner and founder of IM Consultant Services, based in Cincinnati, OH, has announced that he has just published a Dan Lok review. He points out that those who are confused on whether to believe or not what Dan is saying only need to look for an honest review, which he believes he has provided in his latest post.

Mike Marko says about Dan, "He is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and one of the most prominent experts in internet marketing. He is also known as The King of High-Ticket Sales because of his network of multi-million dollar companies." Mike continues, "He is seen by most as a thought-influencer in the world of personal development and business. So as one of the highest-paid business consultants, he is teaching people around the world how to build a 7-figure business. He’s doing this through seminars and books."

Dan Lok's story, which he has been sharing his books, is nothing short of inspirational because he was originally in debt but he was still able to become a self-made multi-millionaire. In his books, he teaches people how they can earn as much as $100,000 on the Internet.

Some of Dan Lok's best-selling books are: "Influence: 47 Forbidden Psychological Tactics You Can Use To Motivate, Influence and Persuade Your Prospect"; "F.U. Money: Make As Much Money As You Damn Well Want And Live Your Life As You Damn Well Please!"; "The Art of War for the New Millennium: Sun Tzu’s Strategies for Winning In Business Today"; "Email Marketing Madness: How To Compel Your Subscribers to Open Your Emails And Take Action Now"; and "Instant Information Products: How To Generate Money-Making Info-Product Ideas in 60 Seconds or Less!"

Dan Lok also has established his High-Ticket Closer Certification Program, where he teaches people how to be successful. Dan Lok says, "To succeed in high ticket closing, you need to understand the psychology of your customers." That is why he established the said program. However, he warns people that they need to be ready to undergo seven weeks of intensive training.

In the High Ticket Closer training program, Dan Lok personally mentors people to teach them various things such as: the development of a high ticket mindset that will allow them to have success in life and business; how to employ the one-call closer technique; the psychology behind high ticket sales and ultra-luxury selling; how to look for legitimate high ticket partners; and how to handle objections, resistance and rejection.

Mike Marko points out that "many people are satisfied with the results of Dan Lok’s program" and that the value and content being provided through the course is much more than the total cost of the program. He points out that those who are not in favor of the program are those who have not participated in it.

It should be pointed out that Mike Marko's review can be trusted because he has made it his mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. Mike explains, "Our work is founded on, not just a rigorous knowledge of internet marketing strategies and techniques, but also on how to combine the latest marketing strategies with business growth solutions. We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices and techniques, and customize the solution to match the needs of our clients."

Mike Marko has background in mechanical engineering and has a master's degree. He has almost 20 years of experience in new product development and program management. He states that he created a reliable team for IM Consultant Services to be able to provide the best service for clients. The services they offer include such things as search engine marketing, website design, pay per click, branding, blog content writing, SEO, email marketing, online marketing funnels, social media marketing, and press releases.

The quality of the services offered by IM Consultant Services can be certified by past customers who have given the company five stars. For instance, Robert B. gave it five stars and says, "IM Consultants did a wonderful job on my website. It’s more cleaner and efficient. They also seem like they helped me get a better google rating I would recommend to anyone!"

Meanwhile, Laura B., a pilates preacher, says, "Mike Marko is a marvel in the myriad realms of Online Marketing. His background in business and engineering enables him to offer a diverse and high level of expertise. I hired Mike two years ago to create an all-new avenue for my private practice, to re-brand an existing business, design websites, build a membership funnel, and to promote ad campaigns. I’ve been so pleased that I continue to enlist his various services...."

Those who need more information about Dan Lok's program or about the services offered by IM Consultant Services can visit the company website.


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