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Top 5 project management skills and abilities that today’s project managers must have

Are you managing a project or program that has multiple red flags and seems to be headed toward a delayed delivery? Take heart, you are not alone.

  1. For every $1 billion invested in the United States, $122 – million was wasted due to lacking project performance. (Source: 2016
  2. Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year. (Source: Standish Group) 2013
  3. 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail. (Source: Geneca) 2017

If the stats above sound familiar to you, these 5 skills and abilities will help you gain control and get back on track.

  1. Leadership Skills and your ability to lead the project like a digital transformation leader
  2. Team Management Skills and your ability to command office politics and explosive environments.
  3. Negotiation Skills and your ability to negotiate like an entrepreneur or a business leader.
  4. Self-Transformation Skills and your ability to be in charge of your whole self.
  5. Individual Transformation Skills and your ability to contribute to others and amplify the greatness in them.

Project Management isn’t only about having skills, it’s also having the ability to apply those skills!

Many people have skills that they never use because they lack the courage, the confidence the personal transformation and motivation that would lead them to apply these skills. Many of our skills are inhibited by fears that we never even think about. Only through personal development, self-transformation and taking action, can we effectively apply these skills and develop our abilities.

This free webinar will show you with 2 real case studies where skills were not enough but together with abilities, they made a difference. “How I successfully delivered 16 troubled change and digital transformation projects in < 2 years.”

Welcome To The New World of Project Management

My name is Marie Nadia Vincent, a Senior Project Management Consultant and Digital Transformation Leader. I’ve rescued some very challenging large-scale projects and programs over the last two decades, and PMI, The Global Project Management Institute selected me as one of their global experts in change project management, IT project Management and Digital Strategy.

A project manager’s job should not be that of a fireman. Too many alarms show that too many elements are out of control. The problem is, many project managers and program managers are stuck in old ways of management. If they want to be successful today and in the future, they need to adapt, they need to become digital transformation leaders! Refuse to be a fireman for your project, it will come back and bite you later. Been there, done that! Be a digital transformation leader and get things done.

The reality is this: The traditional project management skills are not enough for today’s digital age project success. Typically, the biggest failures are because project managers and top management remain stagnant in an environment where everything is changing, and the organization is challenged by the changes.

How Can You Become A Digital Transformation Leader? is an online learning platform created for today’s project managers and business leaders. The courses taught perfectly complements the traditional PM and business education. The skills you’ll learn are based on decades experiences and research and then combined with the latest strategies and technologies of today’s digital age. The platform focuses on giving you the skills and practically developing your ability to successfully deliver projects and business solutions for the digital age, even when management secretly expected you to fail or they didn’t support you enough. It’s a game changer that will catapult your career as a project manager, program manager or business leader!

What is and what is the online learning atmosphere on there? is an online learning platform for project managers, business managers and leaders of the digital age. On and everywhere I share my expertise, I focus mostly on the learning style instead of teaching.

I don’t teach basic project management training. You know as well as I do… There are countless sources to learn basic project management. is where you learn expert level project management training and practical skills. I give you proven tips and coaching to deliver projects, solutions and get business done.

It’s skills and expertise shared from one professional to another with a focus on not only achieving your goals, but overachieving. It’s a friendly, practical and solution-oriented approach. I focus on solutions and achievement, not perfection. Therefore, you’ll sometimes hear broken English (isn’t it the international language after all?), but the focus is on understanding and delivering effective solutions.

Years of Expertise In Digital Business Transformation!

Over the years, many project managers have said I’ve saved or boosted their career with my approach for leading project in today’s changing environment. Many others have requested that I created use cases with some of my projects so they can learn further. is one answer to this demand. On this online learning platform, project managers and business leaders can find learning solutions such as:

  1. How to Rescue Challenging Projects in Three Steps
  2. Implementing IT Changes and Digital Transformation Projects Successfully
  3. Winning Digital Transformation Approach
  4. Creating and Delivering Disruptive Multi-millions $ Customer Experience

OK… So, what does this cost?

That’s the best part! I understand that not every project manager is supported by their organization or has a large budget for ongoing education, and that’s why I’ve made the courses, affordable for everyone. But, trust me when I say that the low price is not a reflection of the outstanding professional value that they’ll get from the courses. It took me several years to deliver these courses as requested simply because I was busy supporting other project managers and leaders. Now I’m relaunching the platform that I had initially launched in 2014, a couple of years before the publication of my book “The Digital Transformation Success Formula.”

More About The Courses Dedicated to Project Managers 

“How to rescue Challenging Projects in 3 Steps”

This course is a rather short series of coaching for rescuing projects in seriously troubled situation. This is for the project managers in need of a miracle to rescue their project. It’s straight to the point action oriented and provides the essentials for rescuing troubled projects/Programs. Priced at just $199. More info and curriculum, click on the course image above.

“Implementing IT Changes and Digital Transformation Projects Successfully”

This course is a thorough course for implementing change and transformation projects. It was created and updated from an IT Change Project Management webinar I presented for PMI in 2015. Participants of this webinar have been thanking me and asking me to help them more with their change projects.

There are significant change management skills in this course. I use many situations that I have encountered in some of my previous projects (anonymously), or witnessed, for a better learning experience. In every course where I teach about change management, the participants always ask me for use cases or to tell them more about my own change management experiences. This is the proofs that change management and transformation requires abilities and not just skills. Change management and business transformation require audacity!

The situations, the challenges we face as we go through change serve greatly to inspire and empower others. I was able to create use cases for helping you learn more about change management, the process we go through, including the naked truth, in this course while preserving the anonymity of clients.

The content goes way further than just project management and that’s the essential course for today’s digital age project manager. Priced at just $500. (Until Launch) More info and curriculum, click on the course image above.

Wait… It gets even better!

Each of these courses are supported with further live webinars, where participants can submit their challenges anonymously as use cases to solve and provide continuous learning experience during the webinars.

If You’re Not Moving Forward, You’re Falling Behind!

The biggest mistakes project managers make is to believe that with their PMP certifications, university degrees, agile project management training and professional experience; they have all it takes to deliver. But, what happens when they are put in today’s dead-end situations that can have an adverse effect on their career, their well-being and their health?

At that time, working hard is not enough. They often need to reinvent the game and bring new perspectives to those who can’t even see a breakthrough. We each have the potential to create a disruption for the situations we face daily. If you limit yourself to managing budget, scope and quality, even if you get some acceptable level of deliveries done, you will never be able to innovate and see true transformation, not even conceive it. Soon your business or company will be overtaken by those who were able to conceive the disruption, innovate and create the transformation for the digital age. Today takes more skills and smarter use of our digital tools to overcome the death of the industrial age and thrive in the digital age.

The transformation is not being created only by CEOs, CIOs or top management. Along with the C level, project managers, business managers and leaders are all the top creators of the digital transformation.

About Marie Nadia Vincent

Marie Nadia Vincent is a native of the Caribbean. After earning her bachelor in business administration, Marie Nadia moved to the USA where she studied information technology. She then moved to Belgium and chose to work for large international companies in different countries throughout Europe; her specialties being IT Management and successfully managing high profile technology projects. In 2002, she earns an MBA degree from UBI specializing in Global IT and Telecom Project Management and since then has never stops learning.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, both as an employee and as an external consultant, she has worked on some big transformation projects including projects related to:

  • Shifting to the Euro currency
  • The Euro Zone formation
  • The energy market liberalization in Europe
  • International banking and electronic payments security
  • Settlements for the international trade markets
  • And countless international regulations implementations in different sectors.

Throughout her career, she has observed, experienced and managed many cultural difference conflicts, including conflict of interests when large companies buy smaller companies in different countries.

Watch this free webinar “How I successfully delivered 16 troubled change and digital transformation projects in < 2 years.”

One Last Thought: Don’t Be Fooled By the Project Management Triangle!

Don’t be fooled by the traditional project management triangle approach of cost, schedule and quality. The moment I changed the project triangle into a rectangle and including the people aspect, I was getting solutions for every dead-end and bottleneck I faced. Risk management took another dimension for me and soon, I was successfully delivering troubled projects where I was placed as a scapegoat.

Applying the traditional project management skills and tools is not sufficient in today’s fast changing environment. The reality is much more complex and demanding! It’s as complicated as life. In fact, project management and business management both have some life management in each of them.

With people added to the equation, you will see life, seasons, changes, emotions, innovation, transformation new perspectives, evolution, mindsets, and new solutions. You will also understand how similar we are in our differences.

Join the Digital Transformation Leaders Club to learn new ways to deliver projects and business solutions, enrich yourself and tap in the rewarding opportunities of the digital age for business transformation and success. will advance Your Career! Find Out More now, starting with this free webinar. Watch Now “How I successfully delivered 16 troubled change and digital transformation projects in < 2 years.”

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