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Press Release Urges Increased Security For Hajj

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(PRWEB UK) 26 August 2011

Ensuring the security and protection of those taking part in the pilgrimage known as Hajj in 2011 is becoming a top priority for those avidly enforcing Islamic freedom. From the travel of British Muslims, to the regular traffic that Hajj draws in, is encouraging a major safety increase to protect this sacred and honorary pilgrimage. Hajj tops charts as the largest pilgrimage in the world, and every willing and able Muslim is due to participate at least once in his or her lifetime. By demonstrating a dedication to God, or Allah, through this pilgrimage, Hajj has become quite a significant religious duty for every able bodied Muslim to take part in.

August 22, 2011 – Known as the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj is one of the most important milestones to fulfill as a Muslim, and in order to make the venture to the holy city of Mecca safe and secure, has begun offering various types of Hajj packages that ensure effective preparation for British Muslims going to Hajj. As a matter of fact, the recognizable Dr. Fuad Bin Abdulsalam Al-Farsy has made note that there will be a vast amount of participation in ensuring that people will be secure in their travels. A whopping 19,000 buses have been said to have been arranged in order to transport the Muslim pilgrims between the various cities within the Kingdom, including the holy cities. With such a direct focus on safety, transportation, and travel, this security boost is making headlines as an incentive for Muslims to prioritize and fulfill their religious duties.

With 16,000 companies taking part in operating the buses that will transport the pilgrims, security will be thoroughly monitored, and people will have an increased safety backing that will encourage even more participants. There are quite a few different steps that both officials and participants are required, and encouraged, to abide by in order to make 2011’s Hajj a thoroughly secure one. Firstly, the buses that are carrying out transportation plans between the holy cities are going to be required to uphold top of the line safety standards. Each bus transporting people from the Tawafa establishments must pass the Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection that gives these vehicles the green light for passenger safety.

In addition to transportation regulations pertaining to the buses that will be used for Hajj, come the unique travel packages that have been circulated through These travel packages have enhanced the overall Hajj experience by making participation much more simple and affordable for those who want to show their religious dedication. Amongst the increased travel safety that has been implemented this year, are heightened security measures in terms of health regulations. All Hajj British Muslim participants are now required by the Saudi government to display records of Meningitis vaccinations in order to apply for their Hajj visas. The injections must be received at least two weeks prior to the application for the Hajj visa; however, recommends getting the vaccination four weeks in advance just to be safe. With so many unique and modern safety measures, is doing their part to boost safety for Hajj 2011, and they are making their mark on ensuring that British Muslims are thoroughly prepared, prior to their pilgrimage.


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