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Press Release

Renew Crew Announces Atlanta Epoxy Flooring & Garage Flooring Services

Renew Crew of Atlanta in Georgia specializes in residential exterior cleaning services in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta and everywhere in between. The company has recently announced that they are now offering concrete epoxy flooring services in these areas, as well.

Courtenay Dutton is a co-owner of the company. Dutton says, "Epoxy floors are a beautiful way to increase your home's value. They really make concrete floors stand out and will hold up for years, no matter how much traffic or what activities take place on those floors."

Dutton says that the company's epoxy flooring services are perfect for a variety of concrete floors, from garages to basements. She states that this epoxy flooring option can be enjoyed in residential as well as commercial structures and says that their durable CrewCoat can be applied to any property that wants a better looking concrete floor. She says that the flooring will stand up to years of wear and tear and is easy to clean.

"We have had some great 5 star reviews on this flooring," says Dutton. "Home and business owners just love it. It's so durable and it keeps its beauty for so many years after it's installed. It really is the best solution if you want to add a little something extra to those otherwise dull and cracking concrete floors. And we are happy to introduce this service at a special low price starting at $3/sq ft."

Renew Crew offers professional installation of epoxy flooring. The company says that the flooring will not crack or peel due to its superior bond. Dutton states that it is among the most durable flooring solutions on the market and says that the UV stable topcoat remains abrasion and stain resistant for many years. The flooring is also chemical resistant and cleans up easily after gas and oil spills, which is why Dutton says it is the perfect solution for garage flooring. The flooring is odor free, so it is safe for indoor application on basement floors and in commercial structures. And, Dutton says that it adds a decorative appeal to otherwise boring concrete.

The company states that they offer the new flooring option in a number of colors and styles, and states that anyone who is interested in learning more can contact them for a project quote or an onsite evaluation. Dutton says that they have so many styles and designs available that there is sure to be one for every unique need.

Dutton also states that applying this type of flooring oneself is not recommended. She states that there are a number of do it yourself epoxy floor systems but urges that this is a project that is better left to professionals. She says that while those do it yourself kits may seem cheaper, and for some that means better, applying this flooring can be difficult thus leading to costing more time and money to fix. A typical garage floor may take several kits as well as expensive equipment rentals to properly apply the flooring.

Renew Crew says that in addition to this, over the counter or do it yourself kits are not protective. They do not offer the longevity of a professionally done floor and typically will not withstand even regular wear and tear for more than a year or so. The life expectancy of a DIY kit is typically three years or less. Dutton says that the life expectancy of their new epoxy flooring option is more than 15 years, so it ends up being less expensive to have the flooring professionally installed than doing it oneself and she says that the home or business owner also has a lot more free time when they trust a professional to install the flooring as opposed to taking days to do it themselves.

Renew Crew of Atlanta offers a number of flooring, power washing and other services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The company says that their number one goal is to provide their customers with the most positive experience possible. The company is locally owned and operated by two Atlanta natives. Dutton says that they are a company that focuses on fun. She says that the company feels that everyone should enjoy their home and have fun in it and they offer services that make that possible.

Renew Crew specializes in residential exterior cleaning for homes and businesses throughout the Atlanta area and says that they are more than happy to provide a quote at no charge for those who would like to contact them. Home and business owners who are interested in learning more can do so by visiting the company on their official website and read through the positive reviews left by other customers.


Contact Renew Crew of Atlanta:

Courtenay Dutton
(404) 541-2739
Renew Crew of Atlanta 695 Pylant Street Suite 105 Atlanta, GA 30306 We specialize in residential exterior cleaning in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta and everywhere in between.

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