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EndChain ICO Announces Partnership With Ming Kee Factory

HONG KONG - November 9, 2018 - (

Endchain, a blockchain logistics company, is announcing an important partnership with Ming Kee Factory. This partnership will allow Ming Kee electronics to bring secure affordable blockchain tracking to consumer electronics.

Ming Kee Manufactory Ltd. is a 40-year-old manufacturer, headquartered in the port and industrial hub of Ningbo, North-Eastern China. Due to its strategic location, Ming Kee has orders from around China: from semi-conductors to switchboards and adapters. The factory conforms with ISO9001 international quality standards and SEDEX international ethical data exchange. Hence, Ming Kee Manufactory Ltd. is able to supply industry heavyweights, such as Schneider Electronics. Ming Kee is continuously improving their production method via automation implementation.

“We believe there is a symbiotic relationship between EndChain and Ming Kee. It is also a proof of concept of EndChain’s product as well as a validation of EndChain’s idea. Ming Kee has chosen to partner with EndChain to help a thriving manufacturer turn into a blockchain-enabled factory. All while being affordable and non-intrusive to their current systems.” - Aaron Perkowitz, CEO, EndChain.

As such, EndChain is a natural partner for Ming Kee. EndChain is a patent-pending blockchain utility company that is focused on bringing mass adoption of blockchain tracking to all markets. The patent-pending QR and barcode combination allows users to price-competitively and seamlessly integrate secure blockchain tracking. This makes Ming Kee electronics a suitable partner for the EndChain QR/Barcode.

For Ming Kee, this is a great opportunity to become a blockchain-enabled corporation to securely and privately track its products’ movements on the blockchain, without the need to overhaul any of its existing systems.

EndChain Ltd.
Felix Engelhardt

Ming Kee Factory Ltd.
Jason Ip

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