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Press Release

A Whole New High Offers Information about Entheogens, Psychedelics, and Microdosing

There is an ongoing debate about the legalization of psychedelic drug and entheogens use. But despite the hurdles, more and more information about their health benefits are coming to light. A Whole New High is a useful resource for people looking for information about these substances. offers a different kind of perspective on how people use entheogens. These are psychedelics, power plants, and other drugs that are used to induce a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Their mission is to shed a new light on entheogens, its properties, and benefits. They also aim to change the misconceptions surrounding the compound's characteristics. Their vision is all about truth; higher truth, collective truth, and inner truth. They want to create a world where entheogens and other psychedelics are valued for their benefits and potential for spiritual and therapeutic development, a world where people can experience the effects of these substances in a safe and supportive environment without the risk of criminal charges or public condemnation.

A Whole New High preaches microdosing as a way to center one's self. The experience, as people who have tried it describes, is something completely foreign yet familiar at the same time. They describe it like stepping into one's most honest, rawest, and simplest state without experiencing the feeling of being high. People on this state are still able to accomplish daily activities but with microdosing, they feel peaceful, nonjudgmental, and most of all understanding towards one's self and to others. People with chronic depression has greatly benefited from microdosing. Others experiencing chronic pain has also reported a sense of relief and freedom from the pain.

Numerous personal accounts suggest that microdosing enhances creativity, stabilizes mood, and gives users a calm and relaxed feeling while still being able to function in their day to day activities. The therapy of microdosing involves 10 microdosing cycles over 30 days. It can be used to overcome specific personal struggles like anxiety, phobias, creative blocks and many more. Others use it for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Microdosing allows people to explore their self, surroundings, and others more easily. Existential and personal questions are a breeze to answer and emotions are readily accessed.

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Company Name: A Whole New High
Contact Person: Kerrie O\' Reilly
Email: Send Email
Phone: 513-644-5550
Address:760 Barnes Avenue
City: Blue Ash
State: OH 45242
Country: United States

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