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Press Release

Foundation Repair Company In Fort Worth Offers Free Estimates

Texas Foundation Pros, a company based in Fort Worth, has announced that they are offering free estimates for homes in the Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, Benbrook, and Haltom City Texas area. They point out that foundation damage must be addressed as soon as possible because it could worsen and become more costly to repair.

Robert Hinson, spokesperson for Texas Foundation Pros, has this to say, "We deliver expert and affordable repair of your home's foundation. We approach every job with utmost care and attention to detail. We also bring in our standing track record of delivering repair of foundations for thirty years. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost service quote. Get in touch with us today, and we will offer you free estimates (for homeowners or decision-makers), a selection of practical payment methods, and remarkable warranty options."

Robert explains that sometimes the foundation settles and will begin to move. A number of factors can contribute to damage to the foundation, such as incorrectly compacted fill soils, construction of the foundation over clay surfaces and these expand over time, and inappropriate maintenance of the area that surrounds the foundation. Furthermore, buildings located in North Texas usually have structural issues after some time.

Robert points out that there are signs that may indicate that a home's concrete slab may be in need of foundation repair. For instance, there might be an upheaval, which is the opposite of a settled foundation; cracks in the foundation because of settlement or structural changes; or shifted piers or piers that have been incorrectly installed.

Other red flags are the buildup of mold and moisture, wall fissures, crumbling of concrete in the basement, leaning chimneys, sticking or jamming of windows or doors, and unexplained loosening of windows or door hinges.

Robert explains that Texas Foundation Pros in Fort Worth is the one to call for slab foundation repair because they have experience in everything about concrete slab foundation repair, including the repair of slab fracture. He points out that homeowners can avoid severe damage to the house structure by hiring a contractor with expertise in foundation repair.

Robert coninues, "We are also experts in fixing pier and beam foundations. We can take up the job and do it the right way. We take a step-by-step approach to the repair process to make sure that your foundation gets fixed correctly."

To begin their service for pier and beam foundation repair, a field technician performs an expert analysis in order to develop the appropriate repair design. Then, they determine the installation points and prepare to clean out the work area. This may involve clearing out any plant life and then the laying out of tarps to protect the lawn so that it can be kept in good condition. Then, they begin the repair process by digging up a hole that will serve as their access to installation of the new piers.

Robert explains, "The job will require a range of tools such as hydraulic jacks and a hydraulic ram. These professional tools help us to push the lead pipe in strategic sections and also to raise the level of the interior flooring. Someone should not attempt this themselves without access to the tools that foundation repair companies have. The lead pipe and interior floor need to be in the right positions to ensure the proper installation of the new pier."

After the structure has been raised, they will then place the concrete cylinders and then remove the hydraulic jacks. The barrels will provide the home with long-term structural support. They will then complete the job by filling up the excavation area and getting rid of the debris. The repair strategy will also provide a solution for a number of potential problems, such as poor drainage and foundation damage.

Texas Foundation Pros is partnered with GL Hunt Foundation Repair, which is a family owned and operated company that was established in April 1987. Gary Hunt, who runs the family office in Fort Worth, had worked with his father Bill Hunt in providing structural repair for houses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area throughout the DFW Metroplex. Gary Hunt's family has 40 years of construction knowledge and experience, which are the foundation for the company's success in the foundation repair industry.

Highly positive reviews from previous clients attest to the quality of the company's services. For instance, a very satisfied client said, "I chose GL Hunt, Inc. Company about a year ago to do the foundation repair. I was completely satisfied with their repairs. I later saw some new signs of settling. Admittedly, I thought that the "Lifetime Warranty" that GL Hunt, Inc. had given me was about worth the paper it was written on. But, to my pleasant surprise, within a couple of days after I reported this new damage, GL Hunt, Inc. had another efficient crew at my house, at no additional cost, and again, their performance was perfect! Not only can I heartily recommend the GL Hunt, Inc. Company to you, I can testify that their warranty is the best I've ever seen."

Those who need more information or who would like to get a free estimate can contact Texas Foundation Pros through their website at


Contact Texas Foundation Pros- Fort Worth:

Robert Hinson
(469) 620-1032
4600 Mark IV Pkwy #163291 Ft. Worth, TX 76161

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