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Vanuatu Deputy Prime Minister Bob Loughman: STO Will Make the Next Nasdaq

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2018 / Recently, the deputy prime minister of Vanuatu Bob Loughman in Vanuatu National Digital Exchange conference pointed out that "STO is an important achievement of blockchain technical reform, correct guidance and development will be beneficial to the high-quality globalization assets flow. The exchange that plays a significant role in the STO and is going to be the next Nasdaq."

Vanuatu deputy prime minister Bob Loughman

It is reported that Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange, which is under the guidance of former Vanuatu Prime Minister Natuman, Salva Kierman and with the full support of the local government, has been actively promoting the revolution. Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange is the first blockchain stock exchange in the southern hemisphere, and expand legal business in other cities or regions, which has obtained the legal license of digital stock exchange and manager qualification granted by government departments, and was authorized to issue agency licenses with financial asset management experience and qualified validation. The establishment of digital stock exchange represents Vanuatu's innovation in the field of international economic, financial, science and technology, helping Vanuatu build a more secure and stable new social and economic system, and strengthening Vanuatu's international influence in the cryptocurrency market.

This year, some problems happened, imbalance in global digital financial market, IPO bottlenecks, ICO depression, plunging cryptocurrency market, and volatile stable currency, but the emergence of these problems does not mean that blockchian innovation cannot be implemented. On the contrary, in order to solve these problems, Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange has been working to develop innovation solutions for the industry.

Licenses of Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange and Vanuatu National Institute of Digital Currency Research

  1. Launching security tokenization: In order to solve the low circulation, many limitations and long cycle of traditional financial assets, Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange has imported blockchain technology, it gathers traditional finance and digital assets to form a basic capital pool. Then divide assets according to risk level to different tranches, for turning the illiquid assets into easy-to-trade securities. Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will improve interaction efficiency and asset mobility through this form.
  2. Fulfill security tokenization: Differing from traditional token, security tokenization will have a more complete STO regulatory system. Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will be implemented strictly in accordance with the regulations of relevant authorities, and will explore high-quality blockchain innovation projects.
  3. Digital financial category extension: Since STO has real assets as intrinsic value support, all products and services of Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will cover traditional assets such as intellectual property, art, real estate, commodities, equity, bonds and digital assets. The expansion of financial categories has brought capital potential markets beyond our imagination: according to the statistics, the total value of global digital assets in 2017 was only $600 billion; The global equity assets are nearly $70 trillion, the debt is about $100 trillion, and the real estate market is about $230 trillion, which greatly exceeds the total market value of digital assets.
  4. Innovative investment model: Compared with the equity characteristics in the ICO period, STO adds the nature of credit/debt. Every investment decision made by investors is profitable, in order to cater to the psychological expectation of more investors, Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will adopt the mixed investment mode of stocks and bonds, and use the equity shares of Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange as the real assets to support, through the allocation of stocks and bonds, balance the benefits and risks, and create higher profits for the holders of the certificate.
  5. Hierarchical investment: In order to satisfy the needs of investors with different risks, Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange has set the priority, secondary and inferior levels for security token after tokenization of the assets pool, investors share the corresponding proceeds and assume corresponding risks according to the different level.
  6. Launching VTK: VTK will be issued in the form of STO, which will redefine the common token. The VTK will not only be traded as a general token for Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange, but will also be planned as a general token for normal payment use and circulation in Vanuatu countries.

logo of VTK

Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange is a part of Vanuatu E-Nation project, it can be seen that the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange has caused a strong reaction to the market. It gets the recognition and support from government officials, the assistance of Malta in the model of digital economy revolution, and the strategic cooperation with BCEX, which is a well-known global exchange.

In combination with the above planning, if it can be realized one by one, STO will become a new channel of token financing, STO will be the future of digital economy, Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will be geared toward the cryptocurrency market, providing a new platform for investors' various assets.



SOURCE: Vanuatu National Digital Exchange

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