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Press Release

Tactical Gear Junkie Launches Premium Coating Services to Provide Superior Protection to Firearms

Winchester, Kentucky — Tactical Gear Junkie, a competitive company of tactical gear best known for their topnotch and budget-friendly custom patches, introduces coating services using Cerakote™ to provide robust protection and fine thin finish to firearms for improved aesthetics. Cerakote™ is a renowned company famous for their ceramic coating that can be applied to a variety of texture like metal, plastic, and wood.

“Our company has been providing tactical gear items for several years already. We offer top-quality yet cost-effective military and police equipment — from patches to accessories, to gun parts, to apparel,” explains Lillian, owner of Tactical Gear Junkie. “Our company is market-driven. We always think of ways on how we can help our customers and supply what they need.”

“Firearms, no matter how robust and sturdy they are, can be easy victims of abrasions and corrosions. Cerakote™ is the perfect solution we offer to our customers to provide firearms solid protection against abrasion and resistance against rust,” says Lillian.

Cerakote™ is a polymer-ceramic composite coating that enhances the physical performance properties of firearms. The protective coating not only improves the external durability of firearms but also polishes the finish for better aesthetics.

“We have an experienced Armorer that can disassemble and assemble firearms — even the most modern ones,” says Lillian. “We are trained to apply Cerakote™ properly on various types of firearms. We are very intricate in the process to make sure the functionality of the firearm stays solid and intact.”

“We at Tactical Gear Junkie are geared towards making our customers from the tactical community happy. They can customize their firearms by adding color to it, and the color choices are virtually endless,” explains Lillian. Tactical Gear Junkie performs function tests to firearms applied with Cerakote™ to ensure uncompromised performance. They provide a warranty to Cerakote™ services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Tactical Gear Junkie guarantees 1 to 2 weeks turnaround time for Cerakote™ services. They also offer top-notch engraving and embroidery services. The company is famous in offering gun parts Lexington area and in other parts of Kentucky.

Military patch designer, Tactical Gear Junkie, is a fast-growing, innovative company focused on tactical gear supplies including gun parts, pre-made and custom patches, apparel, and accessories at reasonable prices. Media interested in learning more about Tactical Gear Junkie should contact them through their official website or by contacting

Those that are interested in ordering Tactical Gear Junkie items may visit their official website.


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