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Press Release

Mike Marko Publishes Post Offering Complete Guide To Facebook Marketing

Mike Marko, founder and owner of IM Consultant Services, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has announced the publication of a new blog post titled, "Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook". Mike believes that using Facebook marketing could be one of the best decisions that a business owner can make for the business.

Mike Marko himself says, "Just imagine what will happen if you can reach a large percentage of Facebook users who are interested in your business. The possibilities are endless. Facebook can help you expand your business in different ways."

Mike offers various reasons why a business should use Facebook for marketing. First of all, he notes that Facebook allows the business owner to do a lot more than what can be done using traditional advertising. One example is that it is possible to create a community made up of the Facebook page's followers, which could also be the first target audience as the business owner expands the reach of the business' brand.

Mike explains the various ways that Facebook can help a business. These include the fact that it can help business owners find their audience, the ability to increase brand awareness for the business, the fact that it is the best platform for establishing a community, and the ability of Facebook to help in the generation of leads.

Mike Marko suggests a number of things to do in order to achieve success with Facebook marketing. First, it is essential to know the behavior of one's audience. Second, it is vital to understand marketing analytics, which involves measuring, examining and managing how one's marketing strategy is performing. Third, it is also important to have a good writing skill because having interesting content is a key factor in the success of social media platforms. Fourth, it is essential to post new content on a regular basis because content, no matter how good, will lose its attractiveness as time goes by. Fifth, it is important to understand that success will not occur overnight. And finally, it is vital to understand how Facebook ads work.

Another important task in Facebook marketing is the setting up of the business page. A business page on Face book is a public profile that is for brands, businesses, causes, celebrities, and other organizations. This has more features compared to the standard personal account. For example, a business page does not gain "friends". Instead, it gets "fans". A great difference from the personal account is that while the personal account can have up to 5,000 friends, a business page can have millions of fans.

Mike Marko stresses the reasons why a business owner has to have a Facebook page. He points out that personal accounts are not very effective for use in marketing campaigns. A business page has a lot more features. Aside from the possibility of having millions of fans, the page can be used to effectively connect with customers. It can also build the business' online presence and it can help in establishing the business' legitimacy.

It should be noted that Facebook Fan Pages can be accessed by the public, which allows search engines to find them. Thus, the target audience of the business can easily look for the business page by using a search engine.

In the blog post, Mike Marko explains the steps in creating a Facebook business page. The first step is to sign up or log in to one's personal account. Once in there, the owner has to click on the Create button located on the menu bar. There will be several choices when creating a page but the one to choose is "Business Page". Next, the owner will need to provide information regarding the business. Then the next step is to upload pictures. Here, it is vital to make sure that the images are relevant to the business and it is advisable not to use any copyrighted photos. After this, the owner can invite friends to like the page. Next, it is important to provide additional details, such as business hours, a brief description of what the business is for, a website link, and a username. Finally, it is vital to create a group so that customers can interact with each other and discuss the products or services offered by the business.

It should be noted that Facebook marketing is just one of the specialties of IM Consultant Services. Their services include website design, SEO, email marketing, branding, social media marketing, press releases, search engine marketing, blog content writing, pay per click, and online marketing funnels.

Those who need more information can visit the IM Consultant Services website or their Facebook page.


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