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Bithemoth Exchange: Bridging The Gap Between Reality & The Crypto World To Ease Trading

ONTARIO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2018 / Cryptocurrency exchanges are not exactly known for being "customer friendly" or easy and convenient to use. In fact, many have built up a reputation that is quite the opposite. Users often report annoying verification processes and long waiting periods to deposit funds. Bithemoth has the answers and plans to take these issues on full force.

Bithemoth - An all-in-one blockchain asset solution

A streamlined signup process and world class customer support are pillars of the Bithemoth vision and promise to be features that set the pace for the rest of the industry. Another key feature for the user is the integration of fiat to crypto purchases. Users will be able to deposit crypto or fiat currency to the Bithemoth exchange through a variety of means such as E-wallet, credit card, SWIFT transfer, SEPA transfer or local bank deposits. Most importantly, Bithemoth users will have the option to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrency and be able to turn cryptocurrency into fiat in large quantities. This feature will be a game changer for the community and provide a wide open gateway into the crypto world for new users and institutional investors alike. The Bithemoth exchange will also boast a Quick View feature that will provide users with a way to evaluate their holdings in seconds. And the In-house portfolio manager feature will give users access to information that they crave, but won't find on other exchanges with just a click or a swipe.

The Bithemoth card will make spending crypto easy and is meant to aid in the adoption of digital assets and the proliferation of the use of cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets will offer a new level of security for Bithemoth users, and the planned brick and mortar locations will provide a never before seen level of support for Bithemoth customers. To be able to walk in and speak to a representative in person will surely help to bridge the technology gap, bringing new and unexpected users to the cryptocurrency space. Bithemoth's tangible, physical features make it truly stand out and further separate the exchange from the current industry standards.

The benefits of holding BHM Tokens

Bithemoth users will be able to trade for all coins listed on the exchange with BHM tokens and reap the rewards from a myriad of discounts by using their BHM. They will benefit from discounted trading fees and marketplace fees when using BHM; plus, just by holding the Bithemoth native token, users will also receive airdropped BHM based on the amount they hold.

A team built for success

Bithemoth has assembled an all star team that is sure to put the decentralized exchange and its BHM token on an upward trajectory. Dr. Mohamed Cisco, Luqmaan Moolla, and Siddiq Moolla headline a team that is made of business leaders with years of experience in technology, finance, science and medicine.

Micholas Samoondar heads the marketing department as the CMO. He has a Digital Marketing Professional Certificate from The Wharton School and a record of making businesses flourish. Ricardas Pakatys knows the crypto industry and how to raise hardcaps for ICOs. He has wide ranging experience in the tech world including at several startups.

Rishabh Anand, Co-Founder of Marketing Miks, started coding websites at the age of 8 and quickly jumped into the tech scene as a precocious new developer and designer, later becoming the youngest cryptocurrency miner in India. He has an enormous amount of experience for his age and will contribute to Bithemoth as an ICO advisor. Eric Allen is the CEO of InfraEX, he will serve as the head coordinator in the development department for Bithemoth. Fintech is his game and he brings more than a decade of valuable experience in the industry. Zhang Xiqian has already built several crypto ecosystems and wallets, bringing exceptional experience to Bithemoth's development operations as the lead software engineer.

The team at Bithemoth is highly motivated to bring the functions and benefits of decentralization to the world and is prepared to help usher in the adoption of cryptocurrency.

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