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Tree Removal: A Dangerous Business For All But The Professionals

Despite what many people think, tree removal is a tough business that claims the lives of over 100 Americans each year, while injuring well over that number as well.

According to tree care industry watchdog, as of October 18, there have been 84 fatalities in 2018 because of tree removal and trimming accidents. The surprising factor here is that a clear majority (36%) of the fatalities are civilians, as opposed to tree service professionals, who are trained in arboriculture and often highly experienced.

The percentage of civilian deaths actually represents an improvement year over year from 2017, where 48% of reported deaths were untrained civilians.

"It's a fact of life that when you're dealing with large or even mid-sized trees; there is always going to be a lot of risk," said Glen Markstrom, General Manager at All Clear Tree Service in San Diego.

"There are always going to be a lot of factors at play with a tree removal, including winds, tools used and equipment. Add to that the fact that larger trees can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds, and you have a situation where the amateur may be in considerable danger."

Reasons For Tree Removal

Trees are a key part of the landscape for almost every homeowner in San Diego. Few people want to see a tree cut down in normal circumstances, as not only do they provide curb appeal and shade during hot days, they also help to lessen carbon in the air, a key factor in climate change.

But, trees are unfortunately quite mortal. Trees are constantly threatened by insects, pests and disease, and a healthy tree will typically stand tall against them.

Sadly, tree care is typically not the first priority for most people when it comes to yard care. An improperly pruned and neglected tree can develop disease. A tree that is not watered for long periods of time may be at much greater risk of pest invasion. What's more, people often do not realize that many tree species can only live so long, and that the older those trees get, the more care they require.

Much like an automobile, if a tree doesn't receive a "tune-up" from time to time, or at least an inspection, it may die from neglect.

And while death and disease tend to be the most likely reasons for tree removal, they certainly aren't the only ones. Landscaping changes, property renovations and overgrowth tend to also factor highly in any homeowner's decision to hire a tree removal service like All Clear.

"Sometimes a tree can be perfectly healthy, but because of age its larger branches begin to encroach on the customer's house or garage," said Markstrom. "Not only does this end up being a highly risky situation for the buildings themselves, but also for the homeowner. A lot of people do not understand that many home insurance policies require that structures have a perimeter of up to 50-100 feet that is clear of trees."

Not A DIY Situation

The determined spirit of do-it-yourselfers is something that seems to have intensified in American society, fitting now that the Internet has information on virtually every topic out there. Meanwhile, Youtube has a how-to video for virtually any kind of professional task a person can perform. Unfortunately, with tree removal, the risks that an amateur brings to the job is nowhere near worth the reward.

"Not only do many people simply come at the job from an incorrect tree felling style, they also assume that everything will go according to plan, even without the necessary safety equipment," said Markstrom. "This often means that a tree service is hired for jobs that have been started incorrectly, which makes for a higher expense for the customer."

Fortunately, All Clear Tree Service provides free estimates for all tree trimming and removal clients in San Diego County. There is really never a strong reason to consider amateur tree felling as a result.


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