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Press Release

Yingzi Technology released the “FPF – Future Pig Farm”, series product of intelligent engines, leading the comprehensive digital transformation and upgrading of the pig industry

On the morning of October 19, 2018, Yingzi Technology Co., Ltd, Platinum Sponsor of the 7th Lemance China Swine conference 2018, released the "FPF - Future Pig Farm", series product of intelligent engines, officially published the "FPF Future Pig Farm" - intelligent environmental control, precision feeding, veterinary assistence held by Yingzi Technology in 7 months after the launch of the pig face recognition on March 22, the pig face recognition 2.0 on July 16 and the global selection of precision matching.ant, genetic matching. It is reported that this is the third product release confer: The world's first "FPF" Internet farm.

It is known that this release will be jointly launched by the Yingzi technology and Yangxiang, Derrick equipment, Microfan B.V. and other strategic partners, truly realize Internet pig farm.

The conference revealed that the “FPF Future Pig Farm“ connects the workers in the farm, pigs, materials and farms for the first time through the Internet intelligent pig raising platform independently developed by Yingzi Technology, and supporting pig farm intelligent hardware equipment. All of them were put on the Internet to realize Real-time data collection analysis and decision making, easy to digital online management of people, pigs, materials and farms. Yingzi intelligent pig raising platform also uses the Internet of Things technology to realize online management and intelligent control of the hardware equipment of the farm.

It is known that "FPF Future Pig Farm" can not only realize intelligent management and scene coordination of pig farms, but also use big data analysis and block chain technology to create a healthy and transparent ecology for the pork industry, thus solving the problem of asymmetry of the information upstream and downstream, difficult trace and supervision in the field of hog to pork products,

In terms of application scenarios, the “FPF Future Pig Farm” Internet intelligent pig raising platform can be applied to various terminals such as mobile phones and computers, and can also integrate third-party developers and service providers to empower the pork industry Internet and jointly undertake the ocial responsibility to achieve win-win cooperation across the industry.

It is foreseeable that the large-scale application of the “FPF Future Pig Farm” series products in traditional pig farms will be a huge subversion and innovation for the traditional pig industry, which can efficiently empower pig genetic selection, precision nutrition, the “five-in-one” pig breeding closed loop for intelligent environmental control, biosafety and production management. “FPF Future Pig Farm” can really save traditional pigs from the dilemma of “tired, low efficiency, low profit, and pollution”, helping the majority of pig farmers to achieve efficient pig raising, easy work and happy life.

Co-innovation of Scientists and engineers empower Yingzi intelligent engine

The conference was hosted by Dr. He Jingxiang, co-founder and CEO of Yingzi Technology. He Jingxiang was the general manager of Intel Asia Pacific R&D Co., Ltd. He has worked in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years in the United States. He has rich experience in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, etc. He also has extensive experience in industry market and technology enterprise management.

In the opening speech, Dr. He Jingxiang first introduced the company’s background and team of the Yingzi company. Founded in 2017, Yingzi Technology is a full-industry chain Company with Internet ecosystem Platform serving the vertical field from farm to table. The "Yingzi Intelligence Engine" series products use artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, blockchain, genetic engineering and other emerging technologies to closely integrate with modern agriculture, food health and safety and other civilian production industries to provide intelligent cloud services and system solutions for "farm to table".  He emphasized that Yingzi Technology shoulders the mission of “changing the pork industry chain with digital twins”, adheres to the development concept of “co-innovation, sharing and win-win”, and works with industrial partners to build an intelligent business ecosystem that supports the agriculture, animal husbandry and food industry chain. Make food efficient, healthy, safe and delicious.

He Jingxiang introduced that Yingzi Technology was founded by a group of outstanding industrial scientists and IT masters. It has received the support of a group of top scientists, attracting a group of industry elites and excellent IT engineers to join, with a scale of nearly 200. The team of industrial scientists includes 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 national chief scientist, 7 university professors and 5 doctors. The company's senior management team includes 4 Silicon Valley IT coffee, including CEO (CEO) Dr. He Jingxiang, and vice president. Dr. Jiang Haitao, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Mr. Xie Nan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Dr. Qilai, Chief Data Officer (CDO), who are co-founders of Shadow Technology, have an average of more than 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley.

It is believed that it is precisely because of the cross-border cooperation and joint efforts of many industrial scientists and IT engineers that the "FPF Future Pig Farm" intelligent engine series products can continue to meet the public in time.

Series products of FPF Yingzi intelligent engine drives industrial transformation and upgrading

At the release conference, Dr. Jiang Haitao, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Yingzi Technology, Mr. Shi Liang, President of Guangxi Yangxiang Co., Ltd., Max Rothschild, Professor of Iowa State University, and Peter Van Issum, CEO of Microfan, successively gave speech on “FPF Future Pig Farm” "FPF co-innovation and sharing to reduce cost by one Yuan", "genetic value mining" and "pig farm environmental control, the source of cost".

Dr. Jiang Haitao has been working in the field of IoT, cloud computing, big data, AI and search engine for many years. In his keynote speech, he elaborated on the connotation, value and highlights of “FPF Future Pig Farm”. He pointed out that FPF (Future Pig Farm) is a tool to realize the digital transformation of the pig industry. It is a systematic solution to the pain points of the industry. Its user value is to give the pig industry a new digital transformation path. . According to Jiang Haitao, FPF includes the shadow intelligence engine, FPF series IOT hardware products, mobile phones and Web terminal applications. It has three highlights: First, users can use a terminal application to guide the overall situation; Second, FPF can prescribe the right medicine, accurately locate and solve the problem. The problem of pigs' links; Third, FPF empowers the entire industry chain, and can fully share resources with the industry to achieve coordinated development.

As the president of Yangxiang Co., Mr. Shi Liang was named “Top Ten Outstanding CEO” in China's animal husbandry and feed industry in 2012. In his speech, he introduced the development history of Yangxiang from 2004 to 2018 from traditional pig raising to technology raising pigs to the Internet, raising pigs from 7,500 sows to 130,000 sows. Shi Liang pointed out that Yangxiang actively embraces the industrial innovation brought by Internet technology and has reached a deep strategic cooperation with Shadow Technology. Based on the comprehensive application of “FPF Future Pig Farm”, it deeply explores the management, talent and supply chain, and customers. Share and share with suppliers, and reduce the cost of raising pigs by one yuan to reach the international leading level synchronized with the world.

Professor Rothschild is a professor from the University of Iowa and an authoritative expert in the field of international pig genetics. He introduced that the "FPF Future Pig Farm" genetic matching system uses the world's first precision matching method, which can intelligently select the best combination of male and female sows to maximize the genetic advantage and reduce costs. At the same time, Shadow Technology's genetic matching system can also be customized according to the breeding direction of different companies, aiming to improve the overall level of China's breeding industry and benefit the pig farmers.

Strategic cooperation signing ceremony, build FPF future pig farm community

At the end of the conference, Dr. He Jingxiang, CEO of Yingzi Technology, signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Lu Ju, General Manager of Intel Asia Pacific R&D Co., Ltd., strategic cooperation of“Application of Block Chain Technology in the field of “Farm to the Table” Food Security with Professor Cui Xiaohui from the National Cyber Security Institute of Wuhan University and agreement of Co-Building Zhang Raoxue Academician Workstation with Central South University.

Since the beginning of this year, Yingzi Technology has signed comprehensive strategic cooperation agreements with Guangxi Yangxiang Co., Ltd., Huazhong Agricultural University, Shenzhen Derek Equipment Co., Ltd., etc., and signed the establishment of Academician Li Defa and Academician Chen Huanchun respectively with China Agricultural University and Huazhong Agricultural University. Yingzi also established a good relationship with a number of international companies such as Microfan BV.  Yingzi Technology is working with a group of production, research and research units to create a “FPF Future Pig Farm Community”, deep integration of cutting-edge technology and industrial resources, increase the application of commercialization scenarios, and establish a “farm to table” shared economy. Promote the sustainable and healthy development of the pig industry and food industry. 

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