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Press Release

High Dose Vitamin C Now Available In IV Therapy Toronto Wellness Center

Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre, an IV Therapy Toronto service provider, has recently announced that they are now offering high dose IV Vitamin C as an adjunct treatment to patients' current chemo or radiation therapy.

Founder Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, says, "Clinical trials have revealed very few side effects. In a recent study on breast cancer patients, IV vitamin C users - who were also treated with radiation therapy and adjuvant chemotherapy - experienced lesser side effects compared to those patients not treated with IV vitamin C." Dr. Caversan says that those who are interested in learning more can do so on the clinic's IV therapy Toronto resource page.

Studies have shown that high doses of Vitamin C are able to eliminate cancer cells. This fact has been proven through multiple studies but Dr. Caversan states that taking Vitamin C orally is not going to be of much help against this deadly disease. IV therapy is best because it allows the patients to attain higher levels of the vitamin in their blood. Check out their blog for more helpful tips on how to fight cancer.

Clinical trials throughout the 1970s and 1980s, conducted by Scottish surgeon Ewan Cameron and chemist Linus Pauling, were the first to show the effects of Vitamin C against cancer. These studies showed that cancer is a disease of changes in connective tissue that is caused by a Vitamin C deficiency. Years later, additional studies were performed that demonstrated the fact that how those vitamins were introduced into the body is very important in their overall effectiveness.

Other studies suggest that cancer treatments are much more effective when patients are also receiving high doses of Vitamin C, particularly in combination with a number of certain chemotherapy treatments. Lab studies show that when arsenic trioxide, a popularly chosen form of chemotherapy treatment, is combined with high levels of Vitamin C, patients have a much more successful chance of survival and doctors have a higher chance of completely eliminating ovarian cancer cells.

Another study has shown that radiation therapy combined with high doses of Vitamin C can much more effectively eliminate glioblastoma multiforme cells, as opposed to when radiation therapy is used alone without the addition of Vitamin C. Dr. Amauri Caversan also says that studies have revealed very few side effects to using Vitamin C as a therapy treatment for multiple types of cancer.

Meanwhile, IV therapy Vitamin C was recently used as part of a clinical trial on breast cancer patients. These patients were also treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Results of that clinical trial showed that those patients who received IV Vitamin C therapy along with their radiation and chemotherapy actually experienced fewer side effects than those who did not receive Vitamin C therapy. The doctor states that the high doses of Vitamin C can actually help cancer patients to ward off other sicknesses and feel better in general.

However, the wellness centre warns that patients should realize that IV Vitamin C therapy is not going to be compatible with every cancer patient. Doctor Caversan says that certain patients, those who have certain risk factors, are not good candidates for Vitamin C therapy and should not receive it. The National Cancer Institute, in fact, says patients who have a history of kidney problems should not receive this type of therapy as kidney failure has been reported after treatment with ascorbic acid. A cancer patient with a history of kidney stones, particularly those with severe issue histories, should not take high doses of Vitamin C therapy during cancer treatment or before or after treatment. Patients who have been diagnosed with hemochromatosis are also not recommended to take high dose Vitamin C IV therapy as the vitamin may cause iron to be more readily absorbed into the body.

Patients who are undergoing cancer treatments or who are setting up their first treatments can contact the wellness centre to learn more about the effects of high dose IV Vitamin C therapy and whether or not this could be a good treatment option for them. The clinic states that patients can contact them for an appointment where an initial consultation will be given so that the doctor and the patient can each determine whether or not this therapy is a good choice. Those interested can also learn more about the different IV vitamin therapies offered at the clinic by visiting their website or by checking this IV hydration therapy article to start with.


Contact Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre:

Dr. Amauri Caversan
(416) 922-4114
1200 Bay Street #1102 Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A5

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