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Press Release

Quick Print Digital Printing Services Announced By Colony 123 Quick Print LLC

Colony 123 Quick Print LLC in East Orange, New Jersey, has announced that they are now providing quick print digital printing services. The printing company has recently announced their new type of printing services and offered a look at what customers should know about printers to help them in their printing tasks.

Clinton Robinson, a spokesperson for Colony 123 Quick Print LLC, says, "We want our customers to know that they can rely on us for the fastest possible digital printing services. Not only that, but we offer the highest quality of printing available for commercial and personal needs."

Robinson says that the main ingredient in any good printing job is the printer. He states that a high quality printer is crucial to obtaining a good printed image. The company recently discussed the difference between the RGB and CMYK, in an effort to give customers more information on printers and how they can ensure that their digital prints are of the highest possible quality every time.

Printing experts explain that RGB and CMYK are simply referring to the colors that they produce. RGB uses small bands of Red, Green, and Blue lighting to create colors. CMYK, however, uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black in order to generate color. When printing, the company states that RGB must be converted into CMYK in order to attain the highest quality of colors in the digital picture. RGB is a color model that is typically used in digital cameras as well as scanners, televisions and monitors. All commercial printers that offer full color printing use CMYK simply because with this color model, other colors can be created to give customers an image that is exactly the color, light and hue that was taken.

"This is an important thing to know," says Robinson. "If you are looking for a full color print for your wedding album or maybe even for your business brochures or fliers, you want to know that you are actually getting a full color print. With CMYK color models, that is exactly what you get."

Robinson suggests that customers who are planning to have something printed should check with the printing company to ensure that they do in fact use the CMYK color model. He states that not all printing companies follow this rule for quality printing and suggests that this is why many consumers are unsatisfied with their prints when they are finished.

Robinson says that another very important aspect to consider when choosing a printing service is the level of resolution that they offer. He says that resolution is highly important when printing as it can determine the level of detail that is provided in the printed image. He states that Colony 123 Quick Print LLC has printers with very high resolution features to provide images that contain the finest detail. He states that the company can further explain the importance of resolution to those who are interested and says that many consumers are not aware that images can be scaled down perfectly but can often lose detail or resolution when they are scaled up. This is why many small wallet sized pictures may appear blurry or less detailed when they are printed into larger wall hangings. Robinson says that many companies will simply scale up the image and sell it to a customer without explaining that this could be an issue. He says that Colony 123 Quick Print LLC will always let a customer know if there is going to be any problem with their image and what they can do to solve that problem.

Robinson states that there are a number of other things that customers should consider when they are having something printed. He states that whether this printing is for commercial or personal use, how the design scales into the image and the need for bleed are both very important things to consider. He says that in addition to these, the importance of proofreading the image is crucial to providing a quality print.

Robinson says that customers who have images that need to be printed can contact them to learn more about their process and about the things that they should look for when they are choosing a printing service. He states that Colony 123 Quick Print LLC is always available to answer any questions that their customers may have about the printing process or their images in general. Those who are interested can visit the company on their official website or contact them directly to learn more.


Contact Colony 123 Quick Print LLC:

Clinton Robinson
Main Office 464 Central Ave East Orange, NJ 07018 Shop Office 852 South Orange Ave Newark, NJ 07106

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