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Roberto Hroval, the Founder of PatentReal Corporation, Discussed About Cryptangible Economy with Andreas Vezonik, CEO HRDCR Signals

"Roberto Hroval, the Founder of PatentReal Corporation, with Andreas Vezonik, CEO HRDCR Signals"
Roberto Hroval has announced that he and Andreas Vezonik, CEO HRDCR Signals has had had an interesting discussion on the future of cryptocurrency.

Roberto Hroval, founder of PatentReal Corporation, and a serial entrepreneur with many successful launches to his credit, has shared details of the recent meeting he had with Andreas Vezonik, CEO HRDCR Signals. According to Roberto Hroval, they not only discussed cryptocurrency in depth but also had some highly interesting exchanges on the topic of cryptangible economy.

“I had an interesting discussion about cryptocurrency with Andreas Vezonik, the CEO of HRDCR Signals,” recently, said Roberto Hroval. “We both agreed that the crypto industry has to move closer to "cryptangible economy." This simply means that projects should be based on tangible and highly valued technologies, must be autonomous and must be in high demand.”

PatentReal Corporation has already done a comprehensive examination of the functioning of the complex and confusing decentralized market of cryptocurrencies under the name of Preon Institute. The project involved careful examination of the functioning of the decentralized market of cryptocurrencies, as a financing option. The company detected numerous errors and has worked on process improvements that could contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency market in the long term.

The cryptocurrency market is synonymous with high instability. To stabilize the market quickly and address the various problems associated with the use of cryptocurrency, PatentReal Corporation offers to carry out an audit or professional verification of ICO projects even before they are introduced to the market.

Roberto Hroval and Andreas Vezonik were in complete agreement during their meeting and discussion on cryptocurrency that the processes must be made more simple and transparent and the elements of uncertainty removed to stabilize transactions and value of currencies. They also agreed that all cryptocurrency projects should be powered by highly valued technologies that are tangible and self-directed. This will ensure that there is high demand in the market for such projects.

The PatentReal team comprises a group of visionaries, scientists, entrepreneurs and experts with many years of varied industry experiences. They are dedicated to bringing about major developments in the areas of science and technologies that can prove to be a game changer for the industry. Their efforts are to create new steps and processes that can bring about significant environmental improvements, and ensure the well-being of all living species on the planet.

About Roberto Hroval:

Roberto Hroval is a serial entrepreneur and started producing first class hi-fi components in his father’s garage when he was just 15. He made money from his antistatic solution for the car industry. He has developed numerous projects and products in various industrial fields across the EU, China, and the USA. He is a member of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Technology. He is also a registered scientist, an inventor, researcher, and has over 30 projects, patents, modular and TM novelties to his credit.

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