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Press Release

PlusToken leads the digital wallet in becoming the next lucrative sector with great investment returns

Just as a saying goes: "The currency market downturn is not terrible, in which the interest arbitrage is the easiest way to make a profit. Recently, PlusToken's smart dog has caught people's attention, which help people realize interest arbitrage in various exchanges. The monthly returns can reach 8%-16%.

PlusToken is a decentralized digital asset wallet and a decentralized trading platform. It is the world's leading digital asset smart wallet. It is committed to the application of blockchain technology in cross-border payments, digital currency payments, trading platforms, capital security and games. By cooperating with PlusToken Singapore Foundation and PlusToken USA Foundation, PlusToken will jointly promote the developments in areas such as cross-border payment worldwide, digital currency storage, digital asset payments and games.

Developed by the former Samsung technical team in Korea, PlusToken now officially enters Jeju Island, the blockchain pilot zone of the South Korean, where PlusToken has established an R&D Center. The core of the former Samsung technical team started their business three years ago from Samsung and formed this team. In the past three years, the technical team has been engaged in arbitrage trading of digital assets, high-frequency trading, quantitative trading and other trading methods and has accumulated rich experience in market value management. At the same time, thanks to the advantages of technology, especially in the field of robotic intelligent trading, it has achieved great technological breakthroughs and innovations. In recent years, the team has earned more than 60,000 bitcoins in the blockchain field.

It is commendable that the PlusToken wallet could not only store mainstream virtual currencies such as BTC, ETH and EOS but also support the currency transactions, over-the-counter transactions and flash payments. The accompanying electronic smart dog will also get a lot of money for you every day through interest arbitrage. From, PlusToken named and sponsored WBF New York World Blockchain Conference held on September 14th to 15th so as to enhance the brand effect of PlusToken.

There will inevitably be some rumors for a rapidly developed business.

Leo, the founder of PlusToken, greets with the Greater China partners and said, "We have something to say for the false rumor about PlusToken in Greater China. However, we will not do such explanations and things. PlusToken is an ecological digital currency wallet. We only focus on technology research and development, serving the blockchain, and creating a cross-age product. Our value will finally be proved. We are not good at arguing with others. So, we will ignore it if similar incidents occurred in the future.

Some investors said that, on the one hand, PlusToken is just a wallet in essence. What a wallet is?  A wallet is a tool for the money deposit. It keeps it for you if you save money in it. You can take your property at any time and it will not stop you. This is the wallet. On the other hand, there is a smart dog with the function of interest arbitrage in the PlusToken wallet. All the gains we get are obtained through the smart dog.

PlusToken is neither a fund or a speculation nor is it the direct selling. It is a decentralized, safe and efficient application that stores digital assets. It is not difficult to find that the whole process has no feeling of strangeness. All the gains settle every day with rapid realization. You will find that projects are proceeded in an orderly manner according to the plan specified in the white paper. The project party gives the impression that they never delay anything and have no much explanation but making proof.

PlusToken's director of operations Zhong Lemo (WeChat Number: denglulu1982) believes that the value of PlusToken today is not achieved through brag, packaging and the support of celebrities, but through the technical team's three years of market value management experience, excellent technologies and the down-to-earth working attitude. Zhong Lemo has held an important position in PlusToken, making a great contribution to the initial development of the project. He has a big saying and a wide network of personal connections in the community.

When the platform just came out, many people are not able to understand it. We shall have a clearer, more accurate and long-term view of it than most people if we want to be successful. I have to admit that PlusToken is a new application and important portals in the blockchain era and it is also a very important historic opportunity. Wealth always stays with those who keeps learning and keeps pace with the times!

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