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Press Release

New Freedom Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas is Helping Home Owners with Their Pets at home

New Freedom Carpet Cleaning & tile cleaning, a Las Vegas NV based carpet and tile cleaning contractor, announces, on their website the different services offered including company background and internet only special offers.

New Freedom Carpet Cleaning is committed to helping families maintain a happy, healthy home for all family members, including pets, and they are partnering with the local Animal Society to raise funds and support for their network of animal shelters across the country and further their efforts to encourage rescue pet adoption through their Cleaning for the Pets initiative.

65% of Las Vegas households have a pet.

New Freedom Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer an array of superior cleaning services including their revolutionary Pet Urine Treatment that helps pet owners maintain a clean, safe and healthy home for both their two-legged and their four-legged family members.

New Freedom Carpet & tile cleaning provides a full range of specialty cleaning and restoration services for commercial buildings and residential homes. Services include tile/grout restoration, carpet steam clean, pet odor eliminator, spot remover, grout re-coloring.

While pet owners love the four-legged members of their families, they don’t always love their messes, especially when those messes leave behind unsightly stains. In fact, a new survey about Carpet & Upholstery reveals that nearly 80 percent of pet owners admit to masking stains instead of remedying them.

New Freedom Carpet Cleaning specializing in pet stains and odor removal, and they can help those homeowners.

Stains aren’t the only things hiding in pet owners’ homes. Those stains also leave behind unwanted odors and bacteria. And while more than two-thirds of pet owners said they not only want pet stains and odors, but also bacteria removed from their carpets and soft surfaces, current stain-fighting pet products don’t always deliver on all three.

Many have even gone to such great lengths as to flip cushions (33 percent), rearrange furniture (23 percent), cover furniture (23 percent), entertain guests and visitors in other parts of the home (20 percent) and dim the lights (8 percent).

In addition to these techniques, 63 percent of pet owners say they have given up on cleaning the stains altogether and have instead replaced the items their pets’ messes have ruined, with 40 percent spending more than $100 in the past year.

But now with our Pet Stain & Odor Remover plus Sanitizer provides pet owners with an effective clean they can trust. With one powerful formula they can destroy 99.9 percent of bacteria and eliminate tough pet odors for a cleaner, fresher home. Its formula permanently removes the toughest stains including vomit, feces, urine and blood from carpet and upholstery, while eliminating pet odors at the source.

Their formula can be used on other soft surfaces in the home, including stairs, area rugs, pet beds, cushions, couches and more, which is great news for pet owners’ wallets.

Their Carpet & Upholstery process is a home cleaning product specifically formulated to help keep consumers’ carpets and upholstery looking clean and revitalized.

Visit Their website and schedule an appointment, or call (725) 266-9277.


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