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DiaEx Diamond Exchange, Why Is The Crypto World So Interested

"DiaEx Diamond Exchange, to launched in the last quarter of 2018."
The Glitzkoin diamond exchange nicknamed DiaEx, nears its scheduled launch in Q4 or 2018. It is not just the diamond industry that awaits the exchange, the crypto community has its sights set on the launch too.

The Diamond Exchange nicknamed DiaEx is an important part of the Glitzkoin project. Promoted by diamond veteran Navneet Goenka, the Glitzkoin project has received an encouraging response from the diamond community.

It is interesting to see how the crypto community, has actively supported the project right from the ICO and into, the development phase of the DiaEx diamond trading platform. So what exactly is it that, attracts crypto enthusiasts to the diamond exchange.

Before that, here is a brief note on the functionality of the DiaEx exchange. Designed to handle both B2B and B2C transactions, DiaEx would allow diamond traders of all sizes and located, at any point on the globe to transact directly on the platform. The absence of middlemen eliminates the possibility of price cloaking and inflation. Listings on the Glitzkoin platform are limited to diamonds certified by a group of reputed testing labs. This keeps away fake diamonds and also ensures that, the 4C parameters of a stone are not overstated.

The Glitzkoin GTN token has been assigned an important role on the DiaEx trading platform. The diamond industry has for long been weary of banking systems that, impose tedious and expensive processes on money transfers related to trade in the precious stone. This has been going on for decades but, diamond traders are left with no option.

International diamond trade further complicates the financial process, multiple currencies and their conversion create additional challenges. The industry is today keen to look for other payment options, crypto currencies hold promise. The DiaEx diamond exchange implements the GTN token as a mode of payment.

By using the Glitzkoin (GTN) token to settle payments on the trading platform, diamond traders would no longer be tied to banking systems and the problem of multiple currencies, would become irrelevant.

Concerted efforts have been made to educate and inform the diamond industry about, blockchain and crypto currency. The Glitzkoin project was conceptualized after thoroughly analyzing the problems and efficiencies in the diamond business.

Things are a bit different when it comes to crypto space, participants are high on tech knowledge, they are fully equipped to evaluate a project and draw their own conclusions. They realize that, the use of the GTN crypto token on the DiaEx platform, would significantly increase demand for the token.

The number of Glitzkoin GTN tokens have been fixed in the project plan, issue of tokens cannot exceed the quoted number. Much of the GTN token trade being currently conducted on Stellar based exchanges, is driven by crypto community transactions – this before the launch of the DiaEx diamond exchange. With the exchange scheduled to be implemented in the last quarter of 2018, substantial GTN token demand would be generated by, diamond traders looking to fulfill their payment obligations on the trading platform.

Knowledgeable crypto space participants have in recent times, shown an inclination for blockchain projects that have true substance. They are aware that a disconnect between, technology and real word business, cannot bode well for a project. The idea of an industry based blockchain like Glitzkoin, seems to have struck the right note.

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